Physical State of a Person Depends on the Sun Rays

The positive influence of the sun on human body was noticed already in antiquity. Patients and weakened people were prescribed outdoor walks and sunbathing. This helped improve their health. The sun is the source of light and heat, giving us life, and the source of ultraviolet radiation. It can both hurt and cure. Scientists believe that mood and condition of people is strongly associated with activity of the sun. Let’s get some more info about that.

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Is there a relationship between solar activity and human condition?

Sun contains a huge amount of energy. Only about one half of a billion of the sun energy falls on the Earth. But it is enough for our planet: there is the water cycle, and the winds blows and life develops due to this energy.

The influence of solar activity on humans was discovered in 1920s by A.L. Chizhevsky. Scientists noticed that worsening of the sick people condition is manifested as much as possible after a solar flare immediately, or with the onset of a magnetic storm. And they came to the conclusion that the level of solar activity in the year of birth of a child significantly affects their constitutional features.

What happens in the body under the influence of sun

The reason of bad mood is in the total absence of the sun, some scientists think. The less sun light gets on our skin, the more depressed we feel.

At the same time, scientists believe that normal solar radiation positively affects immune system, heart activity, appetite and mood. It has been proved that vitamin D is produced by the action of the sunlight which promotes the calcium production. There is no sun – and the bones become fragile, teeth crumble, hair falls out, skin flakes off. Scientists believe that 15 minutes a day spent in the sun are beneficial for the human body.
 The sun stimulates the production of “pleasure hormones” also, that is why sunlight is the best natural antidepressant.

The sun increases vitality, gives happiness, supports and inspires people. Those who wake up early in the morning get a charge of vivacity. If you get up late, it can lead to depression.

The latest researches on the theme

The research of Mark Becher, a professor and practicing psychologist, which was published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, gives even more information on this topic. It showed that exposure to sunlight is the strongest weather factor that determines mental health. In the current study, a number of meteorological and atmospheric phenomena were investigated and their relation to the data on the mental health of university students participating in the treatment of mental health.
 The deterioration in mental health was detected during periods of shorter hours. Simply put, the more sunshine – the more health.

But of course excessive exposure to sun causes a lot of unpleasant consequences. This must be known to those who like to sunbathe on the beach for hours.
 Ultraviolet can have a destructive effect on skin and health.

Thus, it can be concluded that the emotional and physical state of a person depends on the intensity of the sun’s rays. Go outside more often, especially if you spend the most of the day in the office. Walk at least an hour every day and get all good from the sun energy.

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