Tips For Healthy Kidneys

The main function of kidneys is to remove waste products from the organism. This vital organ is responsible to cleanse the body from harmful wastes evolving from physiological processes. If toxic substances are not eliminated properly, they penetrate in the system and eventually cause dysfunctions in vital organs. This may lead to organ failure, coma and even death. Therefore it?s important for you to know how to maintain the health of your kidneys. Here you can find several useful tips to keep kidneys healthy.

1. Drink plenty of water

In fact, the body consists of water by 60 – 70 %. Cells cannot survive without water and as a result physiologic and biochemical processes would not go in a proper way. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You can increase water intake: 2 glasses when you wake up, a glass before and after each meal and 2 glasses before you go to bed.

Consuming water before every meal will reduce hunger for carbohydrates. So this is a great measure when you diet. It is not advisable to drink ice-cold water, because cold temperature slows the metabolic process. Lipids become hard and difficult for digestion. Healthy kidneys absorb the necessary nutrients and remove any excess. The more you drink water, the more you will urinate. Frequent urination enhances the wastes excretion and retains the kidneys integrity, making them healthy.

2. Stay away from salty foods

Salt is sodium chloride. Actually chloride and sodium are electrolytes responsible for maintaining alkalinity and acidity of the blood as well as water electrolyte balance. When ingested in large amounts, they cause imbalances and accumulate in the kidneys, which might cause kidney dysfunction.

3. Do not abuse alcohol

In fact, alcohol is a diuretic that provokes frequent urination preventing the excretion of such harmful substances as uric acid. This can cause gouty arthritis or kidney stones. Healthy kidneys excrete uric acid and many other wastes properly.

4. Never control urges to urinate

If you want to urinate, do not control the urge. Go immediately and relieve yourself. In fact, the kidneys can hold a certain amount of water. Kidney cells are quite elastic, but if the elasticity is constantly brought to the full capacity, it may wear out in the end.

5. Healthy lifestyle

The body resembles oiled machinery. If a part of it is not working properly, every system is affected. What you need to do is sleep well, eat well and certainly live well. Meat fat often causes severe diseases, so it is better to include more vegetables in your diet plan. Smoking causes heart disorders and lung cancer. Stay away from all kinds of substance abuse.

The kidneys will remain healthy if your body is healthy and all the systems function well.

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