Does Proper Nutrition Help Prevent Migraines and Headaches?

Winning the fight against migraine is not easy enough. Severe headache is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, which significantly reduces efficiency and vital energy. To determine the disease progress you need to control your organism carefully.

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What foods trigger migraines? 
This question bothers the majority suffering from this disease. It is important to know about the products that trigger chemical processes that can cause various disorders in the body and, as a consequence, severe headache.

Proper nutrition or therapeutic diet for migraine involves the exclusion of possible triggers and a full supply of nutrients, vitamins and mineral components.

This process is different for everyone. It is necessary to use personal observations and advice of the doctor to choose the right diet. Perhaps you need to refuse pickled, fatty, salty dishes. It is also recommended that one significantly reduces the amount of sweets consumed.


How to identify a trigger product:

  • It often happens that headache occurs 3-6 hours after eating the trigger product.
  • Sometimes favorite products provoke headaches and should be avoided. But it’s usually the last thing that comes to mind.
  • For example, your headache might be caused by three different products and the exclusion of only one of them will not work. And you might think that proper nutrition does not affect the prevention of pain.
  • Visiting a doctor will be the best solution. Get the necessary recommendations and take a blood test. The latter will help you identify triggers faster and save time.

What foods can you eat?

Your meals should include only those products that are good for your health.

A balanced diet should contain:

  • Different types of vegetable and seed oils.
  • Fruit juices, stewed fruit, green tea, fruit drinks.
  • Meat and fish of low-fat varieties, poultry meat without skin.
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Boiled or stewed vegetables.
  • Fruits grown in the area.
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Experts say that  magnesium deficiency can trigger migraines. True, the condition of patients often improves with the use of magnesium-containing drugs. It is also necessary for a so-called migraine diet to include products that contain magnesium. Bread, milk, seaweed, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables are rich in magnesium.

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is a burning topic. What problems can appear after having a drink of alcohol?

Alcoholic beverages contain significant amounts of tyramine and histamine, which cause headaches.

Many people say that much depends on the quality of alcoholic beverages. But in reality, cost and country of production are not important, as the trigger products will still be there.

Alcoholic beverages that can cause migraines:

  • champagne;
  • wine;
  • cognac;
  • beer;
  • rum;
  • liquorю

However, as for wine, there are exceptions. Limited quantity of dry red wine is allowed in recommended Mediterranean diet. It is served to dishes. No more than two glasses for women and 3 glasses for men at the dinner table.

You can also take note of the popular Mediterranean diet.

The good news about keeping to a Mediterranean diet is that it has extra health benefits – it helps to prevent heart disease which is a double bonus.

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The term Mediterranean diet was introduced as a concept in the middle of the twentieth century by American nutritionists Margaret and Ansel Case. Based on the studies of the way of life of the Mediterranean peoples, organic food pyramid was built. It is centered around carbohydrates-60% and vegetable fats – 30%. Proteins complete the structure and make up only 10%.

The Mediterranean diet is a 5-time meal (3 main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2 additional snacks), when the main intake of carbohydrate food falls on the first half of the day, and protein – on the second.

No foods can immediately stop a headache attack, but following the rules of proper nutrition will help reduce the number of attacks and improve the state of the nervous system.

ATTENTION! Before using the diet make sure you consult a nutritionist.


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