Acne – A Serious Disease of the Skin

Acne is a disease of the skin. Initially, it is initially, non-inflammatory, but later it can become as inflammatory pustules or pimples. Acne is a common disease, especially in 70-80% of young people. Therefore, the acne treatment is an important issue. Some of the young people may have such a bad acne problem that they have to be treated with medication. Initial diagnosis of the type of the acne is to be done in order to carry out a suitable acne treatment.

The “common acne” usually occurs during puberty and disappears before the age of 30 in one’s life. It will often be a mild to moderate form of acne. There are a variety of products available in drugstores or other cosmetics department stores for treatment of acne. Acne may occur at pre-pubertal stage or may develop in adulthood. The affected person should be investigated for any metabolic disorder. Exogenous acne – such as Mallorca acne, cosmetic acne, etc., can be caused by overdose of certain vitamins and minerals. The external factors such as excessive sunlight, fatty creams, and excess chlorine in water will actually exacerbate acne problem.

Further treatments are carried out depending on the severity of the disease. It should be noted that in severe cases of acne, a dermatologist should be consulted. Drug therapy reduces sebum production and fights bacteria. It will also act as a positive response on the inflammatory response. In fact, antibiotics help in combating bacteria and induce anti-inflammatory effect.

A hormonal therapy may only be used in women. A safe contraceptive pill also helps in lessening the drive of oil glands in the skin that produce acne. Zinc is an essential and a natural ingredient in the body, and when sufficient quantity of zinc is not taken, it will induce acne to occur. One controversial treatment is the light therapy method using sunlight. Equally controversial is the notion that dairy products will actually aggravate the acne problem because of certain hormone in cow’s milk.