Yoga and How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is not only annoying but has taken a new dimension, as people are getting paranoid with hair fall as early as 20s.

Hair loss is not only annoying but has taken a new dimension, as people are getting paranoid with hair fall as early as 20s.

Needless to say people suffering from this warning symptom are in constant search of ways and means to prevent hair loss such that they do not need to get panicky with few tresses here and there. This search often leads to inconsistent and unproductive treatment options. It is extremely important that firstly one needs to identify the exact cause of hair fall and also need to be aware of the anatomy of hair follicle.

A strand of hair might be a fiber like substance for you but underlying the epidermal layer, is the more complex biological and chemical reaction that takes place which make a strand of hair undergo its cycle of growing, falling and again growing back. This cycle of hair growth varies between individual and is also dependent on age, heredity, diet and lifestyle. Again, treatments are far too many to prevent hair loss. From homemade remedies to hair transplantation, all are very much in vogue. Stress, unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity and too much of carbonated drinks or even consumption of prescription drugs are the most common causes of hair fall. Often a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition helps check this problem.

Yoga is a holistic approach to improve the quality of living. The spillover benefit from practicing Yoga on a regular basis can be seen and felt when you comb your hair. This is because your hair gradually will look healthy and lustrous apart from preventing it from falling.
Some of the important yoga postures or asana that can help to prevent hair loss are:

  • Headstands pose (Sirsasana): This improves blood circulation on the head and also enhances concentration.
  • The Downward facing dog (adhumukha svanasana): Helps in triggering the nervous system as well increased blood flow in the head and neck region.
  • Alternative Breathing (Anuloma Viloma): A breathing technique that helps prevent hair loss
  • Frontal lobe cleansing technique (Kapalabhati), Vajrasana, Camel pose and Pawanmuktasana are the other asana that helps in enhancing well being of an individual and improves blood circulation in the upper portion of the body.

Apart from practicing yoga on a regular basis, oil massage in head has also proved quite beneficial in preventing hair loss. It is important that the hair massage with oils such as lavender oil, thyme, safflower, bay or cedar need to be done gently using fingertips. This help in increasing the blood flow through dilated blood vessels and enhances hair growth by stimulating hair follicle. Few drops of Vitamin-E oil can also be beneficial while hair massaging.

Some home remedies that can help treat hair loss:

  • Boiled neem leaves water after cooling should be used to wash hair and also try combining drops of neem oil with the hair oil while doing any hair massage
  • Use of some herbal extracts such as ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto and green tea can be useful.
  • Massage head with egg yolk, keep it for an hour and then wash it.
  • Use aloe vera gel or liquid to cleanse the scalp.
  • One can combine two herbs rosemary and sage, boil them, strain them and use it to rinse the scalp after shampooing. It helps in hair follicle production. Again red pepper can be mixed with water and should be applied in the scalp. This helps in the production of histamine hormone that aids in hair follicle production.

Apart from all these a healthy and balanced diet besides drinking plenty of water is very important to prevent hair fall. Diet rich in fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereal sprouts, dairy products help in slowing down the process of hair fall.

A cautious change in lifestyle can be of great help to prevent sporting a baldy look.

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