5 Tips to Have Healthy Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is something that celebrity hair styles and catwalk hairdos have in common. Yet it is not easy to make dry, dull hair smooth, sleek and shiny. Unless, you have necessary expert tips, shiny hair products and hair advice that really work! Unhealthy hair cannot become shiny. This principle also involves your body health and general wellbeing. So to answer the question “how to make your hair shine?” it’s not about naming endless shine hair products, you will also need a holistic approach.

In this article you will find five key tips to get shiny hair.

Change your diet

As a matter of fact dry hair may be caused by vitamin E and A deficiencies. In fact vitamin A is known to generate natural oils in the scalp and hair, and vitamin E promotes better circulation of blood, boosting moisture and stimulating the hair growth. You can get vitamin E and A by snacking green leafy vegetables, raw seeds and nuts.

Make sure you drink enough water

Water is beneficial for your health, for great skin, and also for shiny hair. Consuming enough water every day will prevent hair from drying.


Actually those who use a straightener or hair dryer very often are likely to heat-damage the hair. You should be sure you use a heat protectant styling product and try to forego heat styling several days a week.

Chemical treatments

It won?t come as a surprise that chemical straightening as well as colouring can seriously dry your hair. That?s why it is important to give your hair some time for re-nourishment between treatments. Be sure you use the styling products designed particularly to care for chemically straightened and coloured hair.

Overuse of styling products

Over shampooing, applying too much conditioner, over styling will eventually cause product build-up. This makes your hair look lackluster and feel limp. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week and reduce the amount of hair styling product that you apply.

All in all, you should keep in mind that your hair cannot have super power. And it requires a break like any system of the body. It is advisable to care for the hair using a deep conditioning treatment once a week, reduce the number of chemicals you apply on your hair and avoid frequent heat styling. If you consume plenty of water and follow a healthy diet which is full of all necessary nutrients and vitamins you will notice that your hair is becoming super shiny hair.

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