Lose kilos with Sugar Detox Menu Plan

The habit of adding sugar to drinks and food is common for many people. Of course, everyone decides whether to continue to follow the habit or to limit the use of this sweet product for themselves.

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The fact that “sugar is harmful” is not a secret, and everyone knows it, but not everyone will be able to tell at once what its harm is, what hormones it affects, why it does not create a sense of fullness and can cause fatty metamorphosis of the liver.

What happens in the body when we eat sugar?

Scientists from Queensland University of Technology conducted research and equated sugar with drugs. Sugar causes a similar reaction in the body to drugs. It is a sense of satisfaction that is addictive and requires larger doses. Addiction is only one of a large list of reasons why sugar is harmful to the body.

Several negative influences of sugar:

  • Does not contain important nutrients,
  • Harmful to teeth,
  • Harmful to liver,
  • Can cause diabetes,
  • Promotes the development of cancer cells,
  • Slightly reduces the feeling of hunger,
  • Addictive,
  • The main cause of obesity,
  • Leads to heart diseases.

In the Chris Gunnars’ blog (Authority Nutrition CEO) you can find a lot of information and research on this. In particular, he advises to give up sweet drinks and juices first of all as they are the main enemies of the modern diet. But do you think it is possible to avoid any sugar every day? Carefully read the ingredients of the products on the labels in the store before buying something. And better cook by yourself, it’s much more better for health. Let’s check sugar-free diet that can help you to lose several kilos a week:

Sugar-free diet

Chose one of the dishes every day:


  • cheesy spinach with some baked eggs,
  • sundried tomato feta frittata,
  • peanut butter protein smoothie,
  • Santa Fe Frittata’s,
  • crust-free egg muffins,
  • scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sautéed spinach.

Snack (one morning and one evening):

  • tamari almonds,
  • ¼ cup of low fat and part skim ricotta cheese,
  • spinach and raw veggies,
  • 3 egg whites, boiled,
  • feta cheese with frittata,
  • cheese sticks,
  • peanut butter with some celery,
  • raw veggies dipped in a spicy Mediterranean feta sauce,
  • cheesy bread sticks,
  •  ½ a cup of cottage cheese.


  • low carbs cheesy sweet pepper peppers and a green salad,
  • spinach & chicken with pepper peppers,
  • Turkey lettuce cups leftovers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber, and a green salad with vinegar and olive oil,
  • grilled chicken cilantro salad,
  • a bowl of soup and fresh salad,
  • cheesy bread sticks,
  • light veggie soup.


  • Green bean salad leftovers & chicken drumsticks,
  • chicken drumsticks with garlic & lemon and vegetables,
  • cheesy bread sticks,
  • a crock pot chicken with a bean and cheese,
  • a light vegetable soup, and grilled chicken,
  • turkey lettuce with mushrooms, peppers, and sautéed spinach,
  • spinach, cucumber tomato feta salad, and stuff chicken (baked).

Peak one different meal each day and make a try to keep the diet 7 days. This diet can help to you lose up to 30 lbs a week! Your body will be happy to refuse this sugar drug for at least several days.

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