Facial Liposuction

It is not news that a person is met by his looks and that is why the beauty of a face is so really important. Notwithstanding the fact that beauty is not everything – no one wants to look bad and therefore so many attempts are made in order to maintain the beauty and fresh looks or to correct something for the sake of making it more attractive.

This is the reason behind the success of beauty industry – there are numerous saloons and spas and clinics that offer all the kinds of services like facial masks and massages and what not. However, some of the salons offer a much more serious procedure – facial liposuction. The thing is that it is impossible to get rid of the fat on the face just with the help of masks and massages and the like. Besides, fatty face looks much older and there is no surprise that with the advent of the procedure facial liposuction has become very popular.

Under the term of facial liposuction is understood the surgical method of fat removal from the area of the face where it is more prone to accumulate. The most frequent areas are chin and neck, also jaws and cheeks.

Facial liposuction technique that is used for the face surgeries is called tumescent technique. It represents a procedure where a doctor uses a micro-cannula and fluid is injected into the facial area where the fat is planned to be removed. This is done all at the same time. The procedure takes place either on or below the facial line with the aim to limit the sagging affect after the operation in the areas of chin, neck and jaw.

At the present moment tumescent technique is one of the best and most effective in facial liposuction. There are other techniques but this one has proved the most effective and save and the least prone with problems and after effects. Facial liposuction is not a cheap operation. However, the price depends on the clinic and the location. Other depending factors are the amount of fat, its areas of location and the complexity of operation.

Facial liposuction can introduce a great change into a person’s life. In some cases it can make a person look very different from what he did; however, no matter if the result is very distinctive or it is a slight correction, you will see the change. But it may take about half a year to get back to normal as facial surgery is first of all an operation and it needs time to recover.

Facial liposuction usually gives pretty permanent results. The thing is that we age and new fat cells are not easily created as it may seem. That is why in case a patient underwent a facial liposuction and gained weight after it the chances are that the existing fat cells expand but it is very unlikely that new will form. The fat will not develop and spread on the face after surgery even if it will on other areas.

It is normal for a person to have some amount of bruises and swelling after facial liposuction. It is an operation and as any other operation it has a recovery period. In some cases it lasts for 10 days, in others it is longer. The main assistance for this period is pain relievers and cold packs that will help to alleviate the pain.

Facial liposuction is used with the aim to correct facial features and make a person’s looks more attractive. However, this is a serious step and one should consider all the aspects of it before taking it. The after effects are individual and it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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