4 Workout Websites to Boost Your Performance

Going to a gym is time-consuming and expensive. Working out at home is also an option to consider if you want to lose those extra pounds you have providently gained during winter. In this article, you will find a list of workout websites that offer free lessons, which you can use to keep fit without spending a fortune on gym membership.

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Before we get to discussing workout websites, we’d like to mention a workout app, which is one of the best ones around. It’s called Seven – and the name suggests that the workouts it offers last 7 minutes.

While most of the sessions are available to subscribers only, the developers implemented a system that enables you to unlock exercises for free. If you have no subscription, you are offered one basic training session and one random session. For every 2 months of exercising regularly you get another random session for free.

The reason the app is featured in the article is that its sessions are interesting and diverse: there are options for experienced athletes, beginners, those who want to exercise at work, those who like stretching sessions, etc. The achievements found there can help you stay motivated.

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Now back to websites.

#1. Free Trainers

There are 8 free plans for people of different training background. These include a gym training program, a program for exercising at home, a cardio workout program, and other options. Before you start exercising, the system will help you find an appropriate program by asking you how often you want to do physical activities, what your training level is, and other parameters. There are instructions and tips on how to perform the exercises you are browsing. The diary feature enables you to track your progress, add photos and share your thoughts on the exercises you have performed.

#2. Muscle & Strength

The website’s name speaks for itself: it can help you increase strength, improve sports performance, build muscles, and do many other things divided into such categories as “full body”, “bodyweight”, “fat loss”, etc. Regardless of your training level, you are likely to find the option to your liking. Search workouts using duration, difficulty, equipment filters, and download them as PDF files. Besides training plans, there are diets which can help you combine your physical activity with healthy eating.

#3. Exercise.com

Featuring workout plans in abundance, Exercise.com offers a wide range of options, most of which are for Pro users, though. There are 26 plans that are available for free, and you can select the ones you need using difficulty level, plan objective, gender, and days per week filters. Each plan includes videos, and you can easily track what exercise is the next one, and how long you can rest. For example, the free beginner workout plan has enough exercises to keep you busy for 4 weeks.

#4. WodCat

For those fond of HIIT and the like, here is the website, which provides you with an opportunity to customize training sessions and generate random ones. The website version is not the only platform they use, and there are also iOS and Android apps. Basically, it’s a workout catalogue that you can use to combine exercises and create your own workouts. There is a variety of filters (such as EMOM, 1RM, etc.), exercise modes and difficulty levels, so you will be able to choose the workout that fits you best. The videos found on the website will make it easier for you to exercise properly. Keep in mind that some exercises are quite challenging and require a couch to explain you how to do it safely and effectively.

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