Why Is Vitamin D So Important to Thyroid Patients?

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The thyroid gland is a very important part of the human body. If it does not work well, it can cause many health problems. To maintain its condition within the normal range, doctors recommend using vitamins for the thyroid that plays a big role in the renewal of hormones, regulating their impact on the human body and ensuring the proper work of the body.

Lack of vitamin D

Everyone needs to know about the importance of vitamin D, especially the autoimmune and thyroid patients. There are many articles and researches on the benefits of vitamin D and its effect on the immune system cells that can be found on the Internet.

Nowadays people spend very little time outdoors and protect the skin from the sun with UV-creams, and most of us suffer from the lack of vitamin D. The problem affects even those who take multivitamins, because they contain about 400 IU of vitamin D while the recommended rate is 2000.

Hormones and vitamin D

Thyroid hormones affect the formation and lifespan of T- and B-lymphocytes – immune system cells, that ensure the destruction of the damaged cells. Vitamins are directly associated with hormones. Most of them have a huge impact on the functioning of endocrine glands. More than 90% of thyroid patients suffer from the of lack vitamin D. However it has not been found out yet whether the cause of the disease is a small level of this vitamin or it is the result of an abnormal process. Vitamins influence the formation of hormones. In some cases vitamins activate the work of endocrine glands, and in other cases they suppress it. Such different actions depend on many factors, primarily on the initial condition of the gland, the presence of the pathological process, dosages and properties of vitamins in it.

How can we get this vitamin?

Vitamin D is produced by the skin under the action of sunlight.
However, even if you live by the seaside you won’t necessarily get enough of it. Taking into account the fact that even African people suffer from the lack of vitamin D, scientists concluded that staying in the sun will not guarantee that you will get the appropriate amount of this vitamin. 

2. It comes into the body with food and additives.

The second source of vitamin D is food and food additives. It is mainly found in such products of animal origin as fatty dairy products, animal liver, eggs, and fish. However, it is quite difficult to obtain the sufficient amount of vitamin D with food. That is why doctors advise taking vitamin D food supplements.

Normal level if vitamin D

One more reason to keep your vitamin D at the proper level is that this vitamin is among the main regulators of a healthy immune system. The average daily dose of vitamin D (D3 – cholecalciferol) is from 1000 to 3000 ME.

DR Richard Shames, a practicing physician, recommends that his thyroid patients have at least 2000IU and better 4000 IU vitamin D3 per day in case they are at the lower end of the normal range. D3 (one of the vitamin D forms ) is produced in the body when the skin is affected by ultraviolet rays and enters the body with food of animal origin.

In conclusion we can say that vitamin D is very important for all people and for thyroid patients especially. Scientists stress the importance of this vitamin which is closely associated with hormones. Its deficiency affects health in different ways. Track your vitamin D level regularly and take food additives in case your body needs it.

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