7 Foods to Boost Testosterone

Contrary to the widespread assumption, the role of testosterone is not limited to sperm development and maturation and performance of sex organs. It also promotes secondary sex characteristics, as well as muscle growth and bone density. While testosterone in the pill form can be dangerous, foods that promote production of the hormone are a much better option, which can benefit males regardless of age.

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Testosterone is what makes males’ beards grow and armpits hairy. It helps prevent osteoporosis and maintain well-being. Whether testosterone replacement therapy is a safe measure remains a controversial issue, and resorting to TRT is associated with certain risks. If you want to help your body maintain testosterone levels, you can try eating the following foods.

#1. Tuna.

The fish species is rich in vitamin D, which can boost testosterone levels. Vitamin D and zinc are the two nutrients which are reported to be effective at maintaining normal testosterone levels. A can of tuna can supply you with enough vitamin D to counter the effects of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin, which can disrupt sexual function.

#2. Pomegranate.

Drinking one glass of pomegranate juice a day is reported to be able to improve sexual function in impotent men. Eating a pomegranate may be inconvenient – there are so many seeds to throw away! – so drinking pomegranate juice is a good option. It is recommended to buy fresh juice, which is not diluted in water and has no extra sugar in it.

#3. Garlic.

Garlic got into the list because it contains allicin. It is a chemical that can lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is regarded as a stress hormone, and it shares the same site in muscle cells with testosterone. By lowering cortisol levels, garlic can make way for the hormone. Eating garlic uncooked can help you achieve better results.

#4. Honey.

The substance is beneficial for men’s health due to several factors. First, it contains boron, a mineral that can increase testosterone levels. Second, it can help open up blood vessels using nitric oxide. The latter is increased by around fifty percent when 4 teaspoons of honey are consumed. Improving blood flow is beneficial not only for sexual function, but also for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

#5. Eggs.

The yolk found in the egg is rich in cholesterol. While most of us have heard that intake of eggs should be limited – and it is true – reasonable intake can be beneficial. Cholesterol is a testosterone precursor, so it can boost its levels. It should also be noted that most of the cholesterol found in our bloodstream comes not from the cholesterol contained in food, but from the liver, which produces it using saturated fats. However, limiting cholesterol intake is a must.

#6. Vitamin D-enriched milk.

You can opt for low-fat milk, as it is a source of calcium and protein. If you can find milk enriched with vitamin D, it’s even better, because it is the best version to use for increasing levels of testosterone. There are other benefits too, such as maintaining bone health. Skim milk will do: the share of saturated fats should be limited, so whole milk intake must not be high.

#7. Beans.

These are rich in both vitamin D and zinc, so they can be a good food to use in meals. There are also lots of proteins and other nutrients. Beans are considered to be part of almost any healthy diet, including the Mediterranean diet. You can choose the kind of beans you like and use kidney, white or black beans.

Try searching for testosterone-boosting recipes, like these ones, for instance. You can benefit your masculinity while cooking- there is no shame in it! On the contrary, mastering your cooking skills can be an activity that is both entertaining and useful.

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