Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome refers to a problem that arises when kids live the home where they lived with the parents either for a long period or for good and start building their own lives.

This is fraught with the feeling of loneliness in parents and very frequent many of them feel lost and confused without kids running around and making fun. Empty nest syndrome is characterized by sadness and feelings of emptiness; it is likely to aggravate during autumn and winter times.

There is nothing strange that parents should feel a little strange and empty after a kid or kinds leave home for long, especially if it is for the first time and kids are not that grown-up. However, empty nest syndrome represents a more severe condition of a depression connected with their departure. It is generally expressed more prominently in parents who used to build their lives around their kids and after they live seem to have nothing to accomplish themselves with. In some parents it can happen at the time of college, while others develop it after their kids get married.

Empty nest syndrome has got different reasons. They are individual in every case and it is more likely that the syndrome is going to develop when a person is prone to depression. As it has been aforementioned, strong relationships between kids and parents are likely to be the reason why parents start feeling lonely ? they cannot fulfill their need in the communication and closeness any more. Empty nest syndrome is also characterized by other symptoms like crying without reason for a long period of time. The feeling of loss of meaning in life is also characteristic as well as loss of cheerfulness and loveliness and inability to have fun in social meetings.

Empty nest syndrome can last for a really long period of time. In some cases it can even be up to for 2 years. It is always easier when parents or a parent have got their favorite job or at least some occupations that keeps involved and brings pleasure and satisfaction. Sport also helps to alleviate this condition, while monotonous routine regime can make it worse.

In some cases empty nest syndrome is just light sadness but in other – it can be really serious and fraught with a lot of mental trouble. It is not really a case to worry a lot about; however, in case symptoms do not alleviate with time, it is recommended to go and check with a doctor. It might be better when you get some advice and support,

You should take into consideration that empty nest syndrome is likely to happen in every family and rare parents live through the separation with their kids smoothly. However, the key point in making things easier is to prepare yourself that you are going to face a change and a pretty big one. You should get this idea that your kids are going to have their separate lives and that your role in them will be no less important but a little bit less pronounced. At last, you have your own life to enjoy and this is pretty much.

The best thing in case you feel that empty nest syndrome getting worse is to keep occupied. If there is nothing you can do yourself to alleviate the condition, try support groups or talk therapy – they will help you to find out the real reason why it feels so bad and work out the solutions and steps out of the condition. It is also very useful to take some time off work and go on vacation – change the scene and society will be very beneficial. Talks with kids will help you to feel connected.

Empty nest syndrome statistics has increased over the years. This happens because the number of nuclear families has become bigger and with so many parents and kids living separately, there is no surprise that loneliness develops.

All in all the best advice for parents who appeared in this situation is to try to stay positive and not give up as kids’ leaving is not the end of life – quite on the contrary – you have more time to yourself and pleasures of life you could not afford when kids were small and depended on you.

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