History of Italian Food

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History of Italian food is very interesting. It is rather long and the story is complicated and fascinating. There are a lot of dishes that became world famous and moreover, greatly loved and appreciated by a lot of different people. In the history of Italian food a great role play various spices and herbs and in general it is a pretty old tradition. In fact, Italian cuisine has become known since the days of Roman Empire and in absorbed a lot of different influences before it appeared they way we know it now.

The peculiarity of Italian mountainous regions and their cuisine is in the influence of French culinary traditions. These regions are noted for the Gallic flavors and all these French adoptions and are very interesting in the history of Italian food. French air and attitude is a characteristic feature when it comes to cuisine in this part of the country.

There is a belief in the history if Italian food that its traditions were borrowed from the Greeks. Basically, the food that was common for the region of Magna Graecia mostly consisted of dried fish and pork, also chickpeas and lupins, dry figs and pickled olives. It is only natural that at the time of great holidays and celebrations the meals were much more fascinating and delicious. Magna Graecia was also famous for sweet meats that were served in syrups and honey souses and all the other very tasty things. It is enough to mention all the famous feasts that Roman nobility used to take part in.

In the Middle Ages the history of Italian food had another turn on its way of development into a separate and peculiar school of cuisine. This historical period is noted by the invasion of Barbarians. As long as they had a pretty different culinary traditions and it was impossible for the two cultures not to interconnect, it is only natural that some of the traditions of the Barbarians entered Italian food habits and added something new and interesting. This period is noted by the introduction of vegetables and fruit into the Italian cuisine and it is the period then the culinary traditions of Italy absorbed the new and developed the old and therefore flourished.

In the history of Italian food particular attention should be paid to pizza. This dish is universally known and loved today. It is a very ancient invention actually and was known even to ancient Romans and Egyptians and Babylonians. It was mentioned in the works of Herodotus and at his time it was prepared differently – on a hot stone. It was generally seasoned with meat and vegetables. Later, with the invention of Mozzarella, the dish has become popular all over the world. The word pizza is actually translated as flat bread. At least this is the meaning of the word in Latin. For many years up until now it is seasoned with herbs and spices and at the present moment with all possibly imagined dressings.

For the history of Italian food and eating tradition is was characteristic to have three meals a day, two of which were rather light, while, the third was substantial. Notwithstanding the fact that eating such things as meat and bread and seafood as well as drinking wine in the evening before sleep is not recommended now, Romans and Italians managed and still do and keep fit and beautifully healthy. Perhaps, this is a very good diet. And a tasty one.

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