The Most Common Symptoms of Food Allergy

Allergy has become so common and so many people suffer from allergic reactions that the majority of us don’t even consider allergies as a disease. Numerous types of allergies are known today and there are countless allergens that can cause a reaction. Most probably you or some of your friends or relatives have allergies to pollen, animals, dust, synthetic fabrics, food, drugs, etc. Food allergy is known to be one of the most widely spread ones. A person who suffers from food allergies is hypersensitive to a specific product or ingredient.

Food allergy has multiple symptoms that are no big difference from pollen allergies ones. Certainly, the symptoms depend on how severe allergy is and sometimes even health problems as headache can signify of food allergies.

Food allergy is, in true, a defensive reaction of our body. Our system can have a specific reaction to some food. When it comes to our body, immune system recognizes this food as an alien element that should be destroyed. For this purpose our body releases special chemicals aimed to destroy foreign element. These chemicals cause symptoms of food allergy. These are watery or swelling eyes, rush or hives, runny nose, dizziness, difficulty breathing, etc.

If you compare food allergy symptoms and pollen allergy ones, you will see that they are very close, but there’s one difference. While pollen allergy’s most common symptoms are runny nose, cough, sneezing and itchy eyes, food allergy’s most frequent symptoms are not the same. Certainly, patients may experience runny nose or sneezing as a reaction to food, but more often they develop dizziness, troubles with breathing, fever, increased sensitivity to light, etc. Migraines are also not rare in this case. If your have a migraine that disappears as soon as you take antihistamines, then without a doubt it’s caused by allergy. In case of severe food allergy a patient may feel serious difficulty breathing that is close to asthma attack.

If you have a food allergy, that is not the reason to become upset. Allergy is a disease that doesn’t affect your overall health. All you need to do is to keep in mind what food you shouldn’t eat and try to avoid it. Unfortunately, there’s no effective solution that can make you forget about allergy, so it’s recommended to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. This way you can be sure to have absolutely normal life without any severe limitations and enjoy your everyday activities.

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