Old Age Is not a Sentence, but a Reason to Have a Healthy Life!

Ageing is an inevitable process. And if you want to have a happy life when you are retired, you have to stick to some healthy habits that will allow you to forget about your age.

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It is a well-known fact that the quality of our life depends on the habits we have. When we are getting older, we can feel that the influence of our bad or good habits is getting stronger. It means that if we do not feel any harmful effect of smoking being a teenager, we will feel it when we are over 60. On the contrary, if we do not really notice any effect of doing yoga when we are grownups, we will definitely notice its effect, when we are retired. So, what are these good habits we should follow to be healthy in our declining years?

Give up smoking and drinking alcohol

Perhaps, smoking is the most dangerous habit. Smoking is considered to be the most common factor that influences the development of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, it is really easy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by simply quitting smoking. It is proved that our body needs quite a lot of time to fully recover from the consequences of smoking, but still every day that you spend without a cigarette increases your chances to live longer.

Stopping drinking alcohol, we also contribute to the formation of strong heart and vessels that maintain the health of the whole body. Although, it is believed that daily consumption of about 50 ml of strong alcohol or 200 ml of wine or 300 ml of beer is harmless, not everybody can adhere to this norm. Some people cannot stop and drink more than, for example, 50 ml of hard liquor. And exceeding the limit, we force our heart and vessels to work harder. And if your vessels and heart are overworked, your health will decline significantly.

Have a balanced diet

Old age is characterized by a decrease in the number of cells that build up different tissues and organs of the body, as well as a decrease in the basic metabolism, that is, the number of calories that the body burns during a day. For example, the reduction of muscle mass happens because the body produces fewer cells that form our muscles. A similar process can be observed in the kidneys, cerebral cortex and a number of other tissues.

To prevent these changes and maintain the correct work of the body, it is important to have a balanced diet.

A recent study proved that people who are advanced in years should eat more protein to strengthen muscles. Researchers have observed the health of about 2000 people aged from 65 to 85 for three years. They found out that people of both genders, who included a fixed doze of protein in every meal during a day, had stronger muscles in comparison with those, who ate protein only in the evening.

More action!

Experts recommend that elderly people move more. A research conducted in the USA showed that the cells of the people, who spend more time still, are “older” than the cells of the people, who do exercises at least 40 minutes a day. Experts examined the health of nearly 1500 women, whose age varied from 65 to 95. It was stated that people, who do exercises on the regular basis, are on average eight years younger than people of the same age group, who do not do exercises at all. In addition, the researchers stated that elderly people, who do some sports, have lower risk of getting heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Ageing is a natural process and you should not be afraid of it. We should know that we do not just “get older” but climb up to another step in our life. We should know that every step of our life is different and requires attention to different things. When you reach a venerable age it is important to pay enough attention to your health and your habits that influence your health.


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