Syphilis Symptoms

Among all the other STD syphilis is one of the trickiest ones. It is hard to diagnose as it tends to simulate the symptoms of other diseases of the group. In fact, it is evoked by the Treponema pallidum, a spirochaete bacterium. Both men and women can be affected with this illness. The condition develops on the skin that is damaged or broken and through the mucous membranes in the time of intercourse. It is possible that a mother can pass the illness to a fetus and therefore treatment is essential. Another ways of becoming affected with syphilis symptoms is to undergo blood transfusion.

There are four stages of syphilis infection and on every stage syphilis symptoms differ: primary, secondary, latent and tertiary syphilis.

In the list of syphilis symptoms the first ones are painless sores and swollen lymph nodes. After that a person can start experiencing pains in the body and suffer from fatigue and fever as well as have appetite alternations. It is crucial to starts treatment as soon as possible; in case the condition is left unattended, it can be fraught with further complications ? very serious indeed. Some of them refer damage to nervous system and liver failure and etc.

Primary syphilis symptoms manifest in the period up to 3 months after the person got the infection. A person can notice that skin sores called chancres develop and they are either singular of numerous. Generally they develop in the genital area and also in the mouth and do not cause painful sensations. However, if a person ignores them for a long time, they can disappear. This is a wrong assumption that a person got cured when syphilis symptoms disappear; this simply means that it developed to the second stage.

On the second stage syphilis symptoms aggravate and the infection is the most dangerous. A person is contagious and with the bacteria spreading all over the body, infection spreads very fast. Among the most prominent syphilis symptoms on this stage are loss of hair and weight, fatigue and fever, also headaches and pains in the body. Lymph nodes get swollen and white patches appear all over the body. There are also other syphilis symptoms.

The difficult part with syphilis symptoms that they resemble many signs characteristic to other illnesses and, therefore are ignored. However, the risk is that if the condition is not diagnosed and treated in time, it develops and worsens further on.

Secondary syphilis tends to develop into a latent one. It is a very tricky stage too as long as the presence of the infection can be detected only with the help of a blood test. On this stage syphilis symptoms are not so eloquent and therefore can be left neglected easily as well; which is fraught with the further aggravation of the condition and its growing into the fourth and the last stage – tertiary syphilis.

Generally, this stage does not develop rapidly. In some cases it can take up to 20 years for the condition to become so bad. However, if this has reached this stage, it is very likely that the bacteria have managed to do a lot of harm already. It is likely that nervous system has got damaged and bones and internal organs got damaged. Lesions appear everywhere and they are fraught with very severe consequences. On this stage the condition is frequently fatal.

It is necessary that a person does not neglect the appearance any suspicious symptoms even if they seem trifling ones. It is essential to undergo a medical check-up and all the required tests even if the slightest trace of suspicion is that these are syphilis symptoms. Time is essential as the further is the stage the harder it is to treat and the more irreversible are alternations that an infection causes in the organism. Syphilis is treated with penicillin for the most part but there are other drugs as well. It is essential to start the treatment as early as possible; otherwise, it will be useless.

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