What Are the Health Benefits of Peanut Butter?

Each of us has probably tried a delicious product like peanut butter, or at least has seen these attractive plastic jars filled with brown paste on the shelves of grocery stores. Thousands of people have fallen in love with this butter because of its sweet taste and viscous consistency. But peanut butter is not just a delicacy; it also has a lot of benefits for our health.

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Peanut butter is a juicy and tasty dessert made from dried and roasted peanuts. Many experts believe that this dessert is incredibly useful for those who eat it regularly. This is especially true for peanut butter cooked without any sugar, salt or fat.

Peanut butter is a real storehouse of useful substances, and, in addition, it is very nutritious. So it is not surprising that this butter was originally used for medicinal purposes. Some nutritionists recommend vegetarians and those, who cannot consume meat, eating pasta to get all the important minerals. So, what are the other beneficial features of peanut butter?

It prevents heart and vascular diseases

As peanut butter is a great source of polyunsaturated fats; regular consumption of it may contribute to the decrease in the level of cholesterol. And because of this effect peanut butter has an ability to prevent thromboses and heart problems. In addition, a research conducted in 2015 in the USA proved that people, who eat peanut butter every day, live longer.

Researchers have studied the state of health of 200 thousand people in the US and in China for several years. The results showed that people, who ate some peanut butter every day, were less likely to die because of any cause. Experts say that the probability of death because of any cause (and heart diseases in particular) lowered by 20 per cent for Americans and by 17 per cent for people from China.

It improves your immune system

Peanut butter is rich in different vitamins, micro and macroelements. It contains vitamins B1, B2, A, E, PP and folic acid, as well as iodine, iron, potassium, calcium, cobalt, magnesium, resverrol (a substance that has anti-inflammatory effect), phosphorus and zinc. Thus, the product restores the vitamin-mineral balance and strengthens the body’s resistance to certain infections and viruses. Nutritionists especially recommend eating peanut butter in winter and autumn when the risk of getting a disease is higher. It will help your body to prevent any disease and will make your health stronger.

It normalizes the work of the digestive system

The product is rich in dietary fiber that contributes to the normalization of physiological contractions of the digestive tract, and as a result, the necessary contractile activity of the intestine is established. And this effect allows your body to remove the products of vital activity. According to these properties, peanut butter is an excellent product to prevent constipation.

It prevents cancer and rejuvenates the body

The butter contains a lot of antioxidants that protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals, thus, helping to reduce the likelihood of formation of abnormal molecular bonds. Because of these effects peanut butter has an ability to reduce the risk of cancer and premature aging. It is very effective in preventing colorectal cancer. Regular consumption of peanut butter may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 27%.

It contributes to the formation of muscle tissue

Of course, peanut butter is an indispensable product for athletes. It does not just help to gain muscle mass faster, because of the high protein content, but also has an ability to restore the muscles after intense training and even injuries.

Peanut butter is a product that is affordable for everyone. The consumption of this butter can improve your health significantly. But it should be said that people, who are allergic to it, should consult a doctor before eating the butter.

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