What Food Can Decrease Erectile Function?

Our life is full of different snares that can influence men’s health and potency in particular. The list of these snares may include poor environmental conditions, stress and even diet. In fact, diet has a significant effect on men’s erection and quality of sex as well.

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In most cases, the decrease in the erectile function in men is a consequence of thickening of blood, worsening of blood circulation and blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. And all these problems are caused by sticking to an unhealthy diet. A balanced diet based on the use of natural and high-quality food contributes to the stabilization of the activity of all systems and organs and to an increase in erectile function. Unfortunately many men do not know what foods decrease their erectile function. So, what are they?


There is an erroneous opinion that a small doze of alcohol increases men’s health and prolongs sexual intercourse. This is just partly true and can be explained frоm the medical point of view: alcohol reduces the sensitivity of nerves, so that intimacy may be prolonged. At the same time, the constant consumption of strong drinks leads to the opposite effect. At first, the libido decreases, then the excitability and erection worsen, and finally impotence occurs. A big problem is beer that might seem harmless at first glance. But, in fact, it still contains alcohol and regular consumption of it causes addiction. In addition, barley drinks contain female phytohormones (phytoestrogens). They are opposite to testosterone, a hormone that is responsible for male sexual function.


Sugar does not directly affect genitals. However, the excessive consumption of sugar (more than 6 teaspoons per day) forces the pancreas to work intensively and stimulates the release of insulin. Insulin, in its turn, inhibits the production of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the sexual desire and work of the reproductive system. And a decrease in the amount of testosterone directly leads to a decrease in the man’s libido.

Fast food

Scientists from Harvard University and the University of Murcia found out that fast food can affect the quality of sperm and erectile function of men. During the study sperm of about 200 people was analyzed. The health of all the participants had been checked before the research was conducted to exclude the possibility of other influences on the quality of sperm. It was stated that the sperm of men whose daily diet included fast food was rather weak. And this problem may result in impossibility to have children and in erectile dysfunction as well.

Delicious but very dangerous for health burgers and French fries that contain enormous amount of saturated fats have the most unfavorable effect on the reproductive function of men.

Soda and carbonated water

Soda and carbonated water lower testosterone levels in men because of different reasons. The acids in the soda erode calcium from the body that causes osteoporosis and a decrease in testosterone. In addition, soda contains a lot of sugar that, as it has been mentioned, causes erectile dysfunction. Also, after drinking some soda our organism experiences dehydration, and because of it the body cannot get enough water to produce any hormones including testosterone.

The diet influences men’s health a lot, especially their erectile function. If a man wants to preserve his sexual health for many years, then he should try to minimize the consumption of foods that worsen the erectile function, quality of sperm and release of testosterone, because otherwise he risks becoming infertile.


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