How to Remove Acne Scars

Scars are the most annoying and unpleasant acne aftereffects. Acne scars differ from natural skin as they usually look as spots of blackish, pinkish or brownish color. In medical terms, scars are fibrous tissue that replaces normal dermis surface.

To restore your natural skin look, try one or several tips from the following methods. Certainly, you cannot remove acne scars within short time with their help, but they can really make your skin look better.

Try to shed off dead tissue from scars area. For this purpose massage scars gently with water and some baking soda. Perform the following action once-twice a day for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water.

Vitamin E helps to restore skin. It is widely used in anti-ageing creams due to its regenerating abilities. You can apply it on your scars up to three times a day. Vitamin E will activate fibrous tissues and so it starts growing. Vitamin E is usually sold at pharmacies. You can even use capsules with it. These capsules contain oil, so all you need to do is to smear the oil on your skin. If you wish to increase the healing power of Vitamin E, mix it with Aloe Vera paste.

Some oils also show good results in reducing acne scars. If you don’t want or do not have Vitamin E oil, replace it with olive, coconut or almond oil. They are very effective if used on a regular basis.

In case you wish not only make your acne scars less visible, but also want to improve your skin tone, try sandalwood paste. To make sandalwood paste soak sandal in the evening. Next morning your paste is ready and you can apply it to your skin.

Fruits can also help us. Fresh tomato or lemon juice can remove your scars and cleanse pores, preventing new acne. If you don’t have time, ice is the simplest aid. Take an ice cube and rub your scar areas with it. This action will pale your scars.

Even simple massage is helpful in removing acne scars. Take two pieces of fabrics and massage your affected skin with gentle movements. Fabric will also absorb skin oil that causes pimples.

If you seek a fast and effective solution and don’t want to spend your time applying oils or massaging your skin, then you might like laser scar removal. It’s fast, but expensive and the final cost depends on the size an area of your scars. Certainly, the results reached with laser scar removal are permanent, but you can reach the same if you have some patience and free time to use the methods mentioned above.

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