Healthy Elderly Nutrition

Healthy eating is essential in every age and for every person who takes care of themselves. It might be a very unwise misconception that elderly people are no longer in need of healthy nutrition as long as their lives are less active.

Healthy eating is essential in every age and for every person who takes care of themselves. It might be a very unwise misconception that elderly people are no longer in need of healthy nutrition as long as their lives are less active.

However, this is wrong. The principles of healthy elderly nutrition are no different than the ones of people who are younger.

It is universal truth that the food you eat and the lifestyle you choose are the main things that affect your health. There is no real difference whether you are in your 30s or 60s – the healthier you eat and live the healthier you actually are. Proper nutrition choices are important as they are responsible to a great extent for the prevention of such illnesses as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and so on. One of the basic principles of healthy elderly nutrition and not only is the consumption of many different foods and staying away from the foods that are unhealthy. A natural combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be adhered to.

One thing should be taken into consideration when talking about elderly nutrition – although the essentials are the same, seniors require less amounts of the same things in comparison to the young ones. It mostly happens because aging brings muscle mass deterioration and with lack of lessening of physical activity load there is no necessity for so much energy and therefore less calorie amount is needed. However, there should be all the nutrients in the diet of an elderly person as in the diet of a young one.

Elderly nutrition plan should be rich in fiber and whole grains as well as dairy products. Also fruit and vegetables are necessary and in large amounts. Generally all the principles of a healthy pyramid should be adhered to. Besides, there are also some recommendations that should be taken into consideration with regards to the age of such people.

One of the first and the most essential things in the elderly nutrition plan is the presence of calcium. It is one of the major requirements of our organism and it does not become less with aging. Actually, it even becomes more in the respect that it helps to prevent osteoporosis and keep the bones strong. It is not always possible to consume enough calcium naturally and therefore, supplements and vitamin complexes can be recommended. Besides, elderly nutrition will be of little help in case exercises are lacking.

Next essential thing in elderly nutrition plan is vitamin C. This vitamin refers to water soluble and therefore it needs to be restored all the time. Its levels also reduce in the result of smoking and bad diet. One of the consequences of vitamin C deficiency in elderly nutrition is the possibility of anemia development. The vitamin can be found in citrus fruits and berries and green peppers, etc.

Apart from calcium potassium is also essential. Its function is to make sure those nerves and muscles function properly and that blood pressure levels are normal. Besides, potassium in elderly nutrition plan assists in keeping normal fluid levels.

Vitamin B complex is recommended for everyone but when it comes to elderly nutrition, B12 is a requirement that should not be neglected. Together with vitamin C it helps to prevent anemia. The following foods are recommended to be included into a diet plan in order to get vitamin B12: dairy products, eggs, fish and seafood; also liver and red meat as well as chicken.

When it comes to magnesium, it should also not be left neglected. It is essential for a lot of important processes in a person’s organism and for elderly nutrition as well. Nerves as well as heart and muscles benefit from it a lot.

It is normal and often that seniors start to experience deterioration in vision. In order to avoid it and improve your eyesight it is recommended to include vitamin A into elderly nutrition plan. This vitamin is contained in carrots and sweet potatoes as well as spinach and it can be acquired from the supplements. It is also a good immunity booster.

Calcium is important and so is vitamin D as long as it helps the absorption of the former. Vitamin D is produces when a person’s organism is exposed to sunlight. In long winter months a lot of people suffer from the deficiency of it and therefore it is necessary to take it in the form of supplements. It is equally important for elderly nutrition as any other.

Elderly nutrition diet should also include vitamin E as long as it is responsible for cells protection. Naturally it can be found in almonds and peanut butter but also in different seeds and tomatoes.

The last but not the least in the elderly nutrition plan is fiber. Its benefits are hard to overestimate. It is required that an elderly person acquired about 20-30 gm of fiber daily for the sake of good health. It removes toxins and improves the functioning of the digestive system.

To cap it all, one should understand that elderly nutrition plan is not really different from any other healthy diet plan. It should contain all the useful foods and take into consideration the requirements of a person’s age.

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