Causes of Dehydration

Dehydration is a very serious condition and one should not take it for granted. It is universally known that a person’s organism consists of fluid for the most part and therefore it is essential that there were no dehydration. In fact, it can evoke a lot of health problems and some of them are very severe. It is possible for a person to stay without food for quite a long time; however, it is impossible to be without water.

All the cells of a humanэs body and all of its tissues contain water. It is necessary that water supply never run out as this is fraught with further problems in the functioning of an organism. We urinate and sweat and breath – all this is the process when we lose water and then need to restore it. Causes of dehydration are various and it is essential to be aware of them.

One of the main causes of dehydration is that a person does not drink enough water. It is recommended that a person should drink no less than 8 glasses of water a day. This refers to pure drinking water not including tea and the other beverages. It might not be very nice as a person will have an urge for urination more often. However, this is a good thing as all the toxins are flushed away and the kidneys get cleared form all the unnecessary things. As a result an organism becomes healthier and all the systems function better.

However, there are other causes of dehydration rather than insufficient intake. Generally, they are not really serious and can be helped by drinking more water during the daytime. Here are more about causes of dehydration.

Very frequently diarrhea is the main reason of dehydration. When the stomach gets upset, it is fraught with increased bowel movements and liquid stool is inevitable. As a result a person loses quite a lot of water and dehydration happens. This is a very frequent condition in kids and babies. In order to avoid it, certain measures should be taken and parents should make sure that their kids have enough water to drink in the daytime.

Another very frequent reason in the list of causes of dehydration is sweating. We lose water by sweating when it gets released from skin through pores. A person tends to sweat in hot temperatures and in hot climates. Excessive sweating is always fraught with dehydration; that is why it is very important that you drink enough when you appear in such conditions.

Diabetes patients also have this problem. Excess of sugar tends to appear into the urine of a person and makes a person use a restroom much more frequently. That is why diabetes can be considered one of the causes of dehydration. In fact, this symptom is generally one of the main revealing signs when there is a suspicion for diabetes.

Next in the list is vomiting. The majority of what a person vomits is made from water and if this happens frequently, dehydration is unavoidable. It is in some sense rather dangerous as long as no measures to prevent it are taken.

Causes of dehydration also include burns. They make water release from the pores of the skin faster and if the condition is serious, it can be rather dangerous. A heavily burnt person can lose a lot of water at once and with dehydration can come more severe consequences. Skin infection are also known to be able to produce similar effect.

Pregnant women also need to drink a lot of water. In this condition causes of dehydration are pretty clear as then a baby grows and develops, a mother’s organism has to support it too plus to her own. A fetus needs water and there is nowhere to take it other than form the mother. This is the reason why a woman should drink a lot.

Now with the knowledge of all the causes of dehydration one should not forget about the importance of drinking water in sufficient amounts. Otherwise, dehydration can lead to many health problems.

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