Freckle Removal

Everyone knows about freckles. They are red or brown spots that some people have on their skin – generally on the nose and face but also back, arms and shoulders. They can be separate but also create clutters. They are very frequently the reason for many people’s embarrassment and displeasure with their appearance. Very often people tend to apply for freckle removal for this reason.

The major cause of the appearance of freckles is overexposure of one’s skin to sun. As we know, excess of sunlight is harmful for skin as its UV rays do not do any good. In many cases it is recommended to apply for freckles removal in order to avoid any further problems with skin. Here is an overview of different methods of freckle removal.

The first method is a laser one. It is the most popular and also the most available at the present moment. However, this is a serious procedure and a person is required to consult a dermatologist before taking such a step. However, this option is nowadays the most recommended one. It presupposes that a green laser slide over the surface of a person’s skin and therefore removes all the excessive melanin pigment accumulations on it. This results in the skin that looks lighter and clearer. However, this is not faultless freckle removal method – there can be bruises after the procedure. They are generally very slight and disappear in several weeks. It is required that a person repeated the procedure not more than twice in order not to harm the skin. The process for this freckle removal varies depending on the clinic and a specialist’s qualification.

Next freckle removal method is chemical peel. This is also a very popular method; however, it is fraught with some adverse effects such as unpleasant look of the skin for some period of time. It is a very prompt method; however, it should be done only in specialized centers and under a specialist’s supervision. It is necessary to consult your dermatologist in order to apply for this method in order not to have any problems in the future.

Freckle removal is also successfully done with the help of cryosurgery. It is a method that presupposes that freckles are either burned or frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. It used to be a wide-spread method but it is effective for separate and singular freckles and not clusters. However, with the advent of new technologies it is not so widely used at the moment.

Skin bleaching also refers to freckle removal options. It is the most easily available method for home use and is pretty safe. Skin bleaching presupposes that a special bleaching cream is used that has got hydroquinone and kojic acid as ingredients. This is essential and the core for the successful removal.

One can also opt for intense pulsed light therapy. This freckle removal method presupposes that intense broadband light is used for the delivering of energy to skin layers. By doing so, freckles get removed and skin clears and becomes lighter. This is a very good method as there is no damage to the skin done and there is no need for the long recovery period.

Sometimes the freckle removal methods can be used in combination and sometimes separately. It should be taken into consideration that freckles can look endearing on one’s face and add charm and appeal but they also can represent a threat to health in some cases. That is why a person having ones should be careful and consider the option of freckle removal.


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