Do not Stop Dieting!

Balanced diet can be an effective way of fighting with excessive weight, but sometimes it is really difficult to keep to a diet, especially when there are a lot of temptations around us! So, why cannot we stay on a diet for a long time? And what can we do to change the situation

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A person who wants to go on a diet should be ready that it will not be easy. First of all, the person should be ready to bear both psychological and physical difficulties and limitations. It does not matter, what diet you will choose, anyway you might feel uncomfortable for some days and even weeks, because when you change your ration, your body needs some time to get used to it. Very important factors of a successful diet are your psychological attitude to it and your endurance. You need to adjust your mind, your will and keep motivated.

Why do we give up a diet?

When we start dieting, we believe that we would get the perfect shape the very next day, and when we do not see the desired result in three – four days, we become disappointed and finally give up a diet. As a result, we become irritated and dissatisfied.

Another reason why people cannot keep to a diet for a long time might be the wrong choice of a diet. The diet is effective only when it includes all the necessary elements that our body needs, and depriving your body of one of these important elements, you may harm your health a lot. For example, carbohydrate diet may deplete the body; protein diet can contribute to the development of kidney diseases, and citrus diet may increase acidity of your stomach. Having such diet you just torment the body, because when it is unbalanced, we do not get enough important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We do not even suspect that instead of fat, our body loses water and protein, which are very important for the normal functioning of the organism. Sharply changing our way of life, we create a huge stress for the body.

How can we help our body to get used to a diet?

  • Tip 1. Have a diary. When you are dieting, it is a good idea to have a diary, where you will write down all the information about your progress. Such a diary will help you to follow your results, as well as to understand what food you eat and how much. It is very important to be honest with your diary and write down all the food you eat a day. In, addition your diary will help you eat less, because seeing the list of the products you ate a day, you will understand what items you can cut out of your ration.
  • Tip 2. Stay motivated. Motivation is a key thing in every diet, because when you know what the aim of your diet is, you will be more confident in your desire to lose weight. Also, you can stimulate yourself by buying some clothes which size is smaller than yours. And every time you put it on, you will see your real progress.
  • Tip 3. Set realistic goals and timelines. You have to remember that no diet will work immediately; the result might be seen in some weeks. You should decide what weight you want to lose a month, for example, and just try to achieve this result.
  • Tip 4. Watch what you drink. Water is the best liquid for those, who want to lose extra pounds. It reduces appetite and does not increase the acidity of the stomach as, for example, soda does. Drinking a glass of water before a meal, you make your stomach work faster; besides, water allows you to recognize a false sense of hunger: sometimes you think you want to eat, but, in fact, you are just thirsty.
  • Tip 5. Relax more. Lack of sleep and fatigue can also knock you off the road, that’s why, after a hard day, take a hot bath, drink herbal tea and read a good book. Remember, if you rest at night, nothing will stop you from acting according to your plan the next day.

Staying on a diet is a hard thing that is why you have to remember why you are dieting and keep going to your perfect body!

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