5 Healthy Foods to Detox Your Body

Living in the hectic world of today often means you have no time to cook and prefer unhealthy dishes that do not require preparation. Such an approach leads to consumption of fat, sugar and salt in amounts that do not benefit health. That is why detoxing is one of the things which can help cleanse the body naturally, and here is what you can eat to do it.

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Having a lot of the following foods on your menu can help you feel better, lighter and healthier. Detoxing means you try to eliminate harmful substances from your body, the substances that got there with unhealthy snacks and drinks and just from the environment, including tap water, polluted air, etc.

Most of the detox foods are vegetables and greens, but there are also nuts and seeds. It goes without saying that such food must be unprocessed or at least cooked in such a way so as to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

#1. Greens.

The kind of food which must be consumed on a daily basis is dark leafy greens. They benefit the brain, digestive tract and other organs and have anti-inflammatory properties. Greens can also neutralize free radicals and remove heavy metals. Since most modern foods lead to high acidity of fluids in the body, it is a good idea to eat dark leafy greens, as they can help reduce it. Such greens as kale, spinach and various salads can be incorporated in any menu, because you can eat them even without any meal, just as a snack. You can also make salads with greens or a spinach soup, for example. Another option is green smoothies.

#2. Beetroot.

Although it may be difficult to clean the kitchen afterwards, cooking beetroot for lunch can be a nice way to consume more antioxidants, in which this vegetable is rich. There is also an abundance of calcium and iron. The antioxidant which makes beetroot special is betaine – it benefits the liver by helping regenerate its cells. That is why beetroot is good for detoxing: by helping the liver, which is the organ specializing in removing toxins, we can stimulate the body’s natural cleansing processes. You can boil the veg without removing its skin (such an approach enables you to preserve as many nutrients as possible) or consume it raw by grating it and adding to salads or juicing it.

#3. Nuts and seeds.

It’s difficult to choose one to recommend it, as there are many nuts and seeds that contribute to detoxification. One of the most beneficial nuts is almond, which can help the body remove the fat that accumulates on the liver. Besides, there are flaxseeds which are an alternative for oily fish: it is a good substitute for fish rich in omega-3s, and if you cannot eat salmon, mackerel and other species of oily fish, flaxseeds can be a nice option. Walnuts benefit the brain and contain arginine, which can aid the liver in getting rid of ammonia.

#4. Ginger.

Ginger produces an anti-inflammatory effect, can help treat nausea (including morning sickness), benefits the brain, and stimulates digestion. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as making detox drinks or adding it to soups and salads. Tea with ginger is both refreshing and warming, so it is good regardless of season.

#5. Coffee.

Yes, that’s right – coffee! This beverage is good for your liver, as it helps prevent building up of fats. It can even benefit those who already suffer from chronic liver disease. Another effect of drinking coffee is that it can decrease inflammation and increase the level of glutathione, which is an antioxidant. Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee is associated with lower risk of liver diseases.

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