How to Detect Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Being diagnosed with skin cancer is taken hard by many people. To make a decision is a worrisome time is really tough. The good news here is that the chances for you to survive skin cancer are very good provided that it is detected early in early stages.

In fact, the best way to control cancer is to care for your skin and be attentive to any changes. Thus you can catch skin cancer before it develops to later stages. The chance of beating skin cancer is high if you lead an active lifestyle and can detect it early.

In the first stages of skin cancer it is possible to identify whether it is a melanoma or non-melanoma cancer. Early signs of skin cancer for both types of cancer have a good survival prognosis. It is uncommon for the basal cell carcinoma to progress past the 2nd stage.

If the cancer is not stopped, then melanoma will advance fast past stage I and enter stage II. For this reason it is crucial to take steps immediately if you are diagnosed with melanoma. If the cancer is detected in the stage I or II, in fact melanoma has an almost a 100% rate of survival over 5 years. If identified at stage III, the rate of survival reduces to about 60 percent. This makes the thing clear that early detection can make a great difference in chances of curing melanoma cancer.

It’s absolutely urgent to have your skin checked regularly at least once a month for skin cancer signs. It is advised to see the doctor on a regular basis. Thus you will have your skin examined as a part of routine physical. If anything suspicious is detected you should have it inspected by the doctor as soon as possible, in particular if you have a mole or discoloration which seems to have changed its color and shape.

If you have a wound which cannot heal for a long time, make sure that you inform your physician about this. Ask the doctor about the early signs of skin cancer. Being informed, you will be aware what to look for while examining yourself. It is very important for you to be able to detect any early signs of skin cancer.

As a matter of fact early signs of skin cancer can be small in size, just like a pea at first and then it grows larger and larger over the time. In the end other organs may be affected as skin cancer spreads further through the body. If the cancer starts to spread to other body parts or metastasize, the rate of survival will drop drastically and other treatments, apart from surgery, are needed.

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