Health Effects of Coffee

Have you ever thought that coffee can make you prone to hallucinations?

Actually, according to the recent research increased amounts of coffee intake can cause a person hallucinating and some of them even claim that they could see ghosts. Seeing and hearing things that are not actually physical can be also a result of a very intensive coffee intake. Brewed coffee is believed to be needed in smaller amounts and instant coffee in larger; however, the fact stays the same – coffee can make a person hallucinate.

However, it is not the reason to get scared and definitely not the reason to give up someone’s beloved drink. Health effects of coffee are not actually all bad. There are a lot of benefits from coffer that a person can have. one of them actually is a decrease in diabetes risk and also coffee-lovers tend to be less prone to Parkinson’s disease. Colon cancer is also a less rare condition in such people.

Some reports claim that coffee is able to reduce the risk of having diabetes in women and men up to 54%. It is supposed that the figures for Parkinson’s disease are around 80%. It is not exactly clear what is better – instant or brewed coffee; however, the fact is that caffeine is very beneficial and it believed that adenosine receptors are blocked by it the brain, therefore increasing dopamine levels; besides, caffeine makes detoxification process much faster reducing the risk of colon cancer as well.

Health effects of coffee also include benefits to the liver. Coffee lovers are believed to have a less percentage of liver cirrhosis and also less prone to the development of gallstones. Coffee is also beneficial in this respect for smokers and drinkers no matter how strange it may sound.

Health effects of coffee spread even to people who suffer from asthma. It was observed that asthmatics who are coffee-lovers at the same time experience less attacks than those who do not favor coffee that much. Besides, coffee helps to increase one’s mood, heals headaches and helps to improve concentration. It is even recommended to the athletes and sportsmen, though it also can seem rather strange.

However, as in everything moderation is essential. And even if health effects of coffee outweigh its negative aspects, it is better not to try too hard. People who are sensitive to caffeine or are prone to having hypertensions are contraindicated to drink it frequently and even sometimes are advised to avoid it completely. Besides, health effects of coffee can be not so positive for pregnant women.

One thing is for sure – health effects of coffee in moderation are really great but the consumption should be controlled for one’s own good. Excessive caffeine intake is fraught with health problems and the development of different disorders.

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