Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: Link between Them

Nowadays everybody is well informed about the harm and danger of smoking but an interesting fact is that nine out of 10 doctors recommended patients smoking Camels. This example is set to show that the multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry has a great interest in keeping their customers unaware of potential dangers that cell phones might bring.

As a matter of fact it is now absolutely official, and the recent studies have shown that there is an undeniable connection between the use of cell phones and malignant tumors in the brain.

The article has been published in The Sun which tells about the risks of developing cancer because of long use of cell phones. The article says that the scientist claim that Cell phones DO higher the risk of having brain cancer.

It is said in the article that French scientists discovered that an individual who is a frequent and long-term cell phone user is actually more prone to developing a malignant tumor in the brain which is generally called glioma.

As a matter of fact the risks of having a malignant brain tumour increase significantly in the individuals who use a cell phone for up to ten years. This shocking discovery is the result of the largest research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Actually this program is a part of the World Health Organization.

In fact, this is only one article published in a newspaper out of thousands other which are saying absolutely the same thing.

Actually if you try to do a deeper research into some peer reviewed researches and studies, you will see that cell phones act in a way which heats up your brain by one or two degrees, in particular the part around your ear. This process can easily break down the barrier of blood brain, which is actually a defense from the poisons in the body become lodged in the brain.

If the blood-brain barrier breaks, it opens way for dangerous and harmful substances such as heavy metals, allowing them to cross in the brain causing dreadful permanent damage. In fact, talking on a cell phone for 10 minutes may open the blood-brain barrier and this effect can stay for 14 hours.

You should take your wellbeing and health in your hands, make a research on mobile phones and brain cancer if you like, and immediately take steps to defend yourself and your family.

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