Fighting Cellulite: Best Exercises & Co

Cellulite is the bane of most ladies – even if they are fit, that skin dimpling remains a problem for many. In this article, we will cover the best exercises for getting rid of cellulite, and find out what techniques prove to be useless when cellulite is concerned.

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All things cellulite

This condition, which is not regarded as an illness by most doctors and researchers, affects about 85% of women, so it is a common thing. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that people started bothering about it – until one American beauty salon owner Nicole Ronsard called for fighting cellulite.

Nowadays the Internet is seething with exercises which are said to help make the skin look normal again. However, it appears that they are not capable of fighting cellulite effectively, though they definitely contribute to general health improvement.

Exercises which are NOT good at fighting cellulite

Not all exercises can help reduce cellulite. The thing is, in order to reduce it, you need not a special exercise for particular spots and areas, like inner thighs and back of them, but a complete workout.

There are two parameters of workouts and exercises that determine whether they are going to be effective. The first one is reduction of cellulite fat, which can be due to calorie burning or improving metabolism, and the second one is fibroblast mechanical stimulation. This is why the following exercises prove to be useless in terms of fighting cellulite.

  • Squats, inner thigh exercises, etc. Yes, all these things can help you tighten your muscles, so the overall appearance will be better; still, they do not seem to affect what is above the muscles, i.e. cellulite fat.
  • Yoga and pilates. Stretching and balancing are very good things to develop, but the amount of calories these exercises burn is not enough to have effect on cellulite. There is no mechanical stimulation either. The same is true of slow cycling or elliptical training, which fall into the same category of inefficient exercises.
  • Fast walking/slow running. These activities are not that useless, but there are still better options. Running is one of the best allies when fighting cellulite, as it does both: it provides significant mechanical stimulation and burns calories in your body. However, slow running, while being better than nothing, is still not that effective.

So what activities are best for getting rid of cellulite?

The most effective activities are those that make your body spend more calories to provide muscles with energy, and affect the cells themselves. These are high intensity interval training, spinning classes, aerobics, and running at moderate speed.

There are three activities which can be used as secret weapons, namely interval running, fast running and intensive sports, which include football, basketball, etc. – they affect cellulite more than other exercises.

Exercising is not enough

To get rid of cellulite, simply exercising is not enough. To make the process faster and easier, you should follow a healthy diet that would supply your body with enough proteins and water. Creams are another opportunity to complement exercises, but make sure you buy a quality one.

As to special treatment, there is still no opinion that could be shared by all researchers: studies show that popular cellulite treatments, including radiofrequency and light- and laser-based modalities, are not backed by scientific evidence. However, techniques which stimulate the lymphatic system can benefit the skin appearance, and one of these is cervical stimulation and lymph drainage.

Cellulite is easier to prevent than to get rid of, so sticking to regular exercises and healthy eating is one of the effective ways to help your skin maintain its nice appearance.

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