Making Your Portions Smaller You Will Not Lose Your Excess Weight

Many of us have faced a problem of excess weight. When we understand that we need to lose some kilos, we usually start searching for the easiest way to do it, and the idea of smaller portions comes to our mind. But is it an effective way to fight those excess kilos?

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Many people make the same mistake desiring to lose some weight. They do not ask a specialist to help them, such as a couch in a gym or a nutritionist, instead of that they refer to their own knowledge and find the easiest and the most effective way of losing weight in their opinion. The first option that crosses their mind is just eat less. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach to weight loss may have no effect, or can lead to an unexpected result and you will gain even more weight.

Reduced portions are not effective

A recent research proved that consumption of smaller portions does not contribute to weight loss.

At first, the scientists conducted a research the aim of which was to find out the influence of portion size on people’s food consumption. It was stated that when a person is given a larger portion than they wanted to eat, they eat more. The scientists taught people to monitor their weight with the help of a strategy for managing the size of a portion.

In the second research the scientists wanted to find out how people, who were taught to control the amount of food they eat, would react to an increase in portion sizes in comparison with those who were not prepared to monitor the size of their portion.

The results of the research showed that having larger portions all the participants ate more food. But the participants, who were taught to control the size of a portion, in general chose low-calorie foods. The results of the research support a hypothesis that low-calorie food is very useful in fighting with hunger, while consuming fewer calories. Thus, people who want to become slimmer do not have to concentrate on the consumption of moderate amount of food, but instead of that they have to care of the quality of the food they eat and try to choose low-calorie products. (For more information visit).

Eating rules to lose your excess weight

Eat more fiber

Nutritionists recommend consuming more food rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber fills your stomach, and because of that you feel full longer. It means that the more fiber you eat, the fewer calories you get. Dietary fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Consume “good fats”

Olive oil and olives themselves are very good dietary products. Making them a part of your daily ration, you can monitor your weight without getting extra kilos. Olives are rich in carotene, protein and vitamins in the same way as oil. Agents in olives strengthen cells and mucous coatings. They have a beneficial effect on the work of the whole body including cardiovascular system and digestive system. Moreover, they remove toxins from the body.

Have more protein food in your plate

Our body requires more calories for digestion of protein, than for digestion of fat and carbohydrates. The best sources of protein are chicken, eggs and fish. Fatty acids in fish have an ability to improve our vessels, as well as contribute to loss of excess weight. In addition, protein in fish contributes to improvement of the facial muscles that slow down aging of the skin.

Sticking to a diet, you have to remember that you should be really careful in choosing the way of dieting. Reduction of the portions you eat proved to be ineffective for weight loss. The best way to lose your excess weight is to have a good balanced diet that will not harm your body, but on the contrary will make you feel better and healthier.

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