5 Steps to Stop Smoking Naturally in a Month

In fact nature has always been ahead of technology and science. Whereas science is trying to find new ways to help you quit smoking and, nature is hiding really effective secrets. If you are a smoker and have a strong desire to quit, it is a nice point to start at. Below you will see a working program from the most effective natural methods to stop smoking.

You may find different rehabilitation clinics claiming that you can become free from smoking habit in several days. The fact is that, you may get rid of this dangerous habit can in just as little as several minutes! The question is how long you will be able to stay smoking-free after the treatment. In order to quit smoking for good you should combine effective therapy with proper preparations. First let?s see what preparations are effective to help you quit smoking.

All in all, this program includes a 5-step system which lasts for four weeks. And by the end of this term you will need to undergo a proper therapy. Actually this program is indeed the best natural option to achieve a permanent result for those who want to stop smoking.

  • Days 1-6: First of all you should make a resolution for yourself which is based on your strong will and then follow the plan strictly. Consider the following things: how smoking influences your life, why you decided to quit and the advantages of life without smoking. Write down the main points and make sure you read them every day. Do not smoke in pubs and office from now.
  • Everyday, you may put aside the money you spend on buying cigarettes. This sum would have been spent on cigarettes. After 100 days, you will be able to use the money saved thus rewarding yourself and the people you love. You may spend the money on whatever you wish: go out to a restaurant or shopping, or travel to an exotic country.It is a good idea to involve a team participation of people trying to quit which means that several people will stop smoking simultaneously. A group of five or six friends or colleagues can each contribute certain sum to stay away from smoking. After the period of 4 month, the individuals who managed to remain non-smokers will share the money saved.
  • It is important to keep your hands always busy doing different things. This will help to avoid smoking. Actually lots of people want to smoke when there is nothing to do or when they get bored. Idle hands pose danger because they will try to get some cigarettes and smoke. Make sure you are always busy working, writing a letter, knitting, cleaning the house, cutting the grass or whatever. It is best to indulge yourself in a hobby.Whenever you have an urge to smoke, go to wash your hands and do it thoroughly. Don’t towel dry your hands after washing. The hands are to be really wet. You see it’s impossible to smoke when your hands are wet.
  • Visit cancer ward. This looks virtually scary to everybody, not only smokers. If a friend of yours or a relative works at a hospital, you should get them to take you to the cancer ward. Find the patients suffering from cancer caused by the smoking habit and speak to them. Chances that you may stop smoking immediately are very high.
  • Avoid smoking herbs. Another useful tip to quit smoking is stay away from smoking herbs. in fact this method can help you quit smoking without any chemical aids. As an alternative, herbs might be taken as a supplement in addition to other remedies you are using.

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