Easy Methods to Help You Quit Smoking

Understanding the negative effects that smoking produces, many smokers start trying to quit smoking. The problem is that if you have been smoking for several years, you’ll definitely find it hard to quit. The nicotine from cigarettes is extremely addictive and the addiction makes quitting smoking very tough.

To quit smoking you need commitment and huge sacrifice to combat nicotine addiction. The smoker must have a real desire to get rid of the harmful habit and should take resolute actions timely. There is no chance to give up smoking if you postpone it again and again ? the thing is that you should take steps to stop smoking at once. The highest rates of success among smoke quitters have those who manage to quit the cold turkey.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to give up smoking you may find useful to get rid of the awful habit. In fact, some of the methods described below might work with some people but fail completely for others. So, you need to find the ways most suitable for you which will really work.

  • Gradual quitting. Some individuals who have managed to quit smoking say that they wean themselves from this habit slowly, having few sticks at one time. Thus, you may program your mind in thinking that the body needs less nicotine and go on in such a way. However you should make sure that they final quit smoking date is 2 weeks or less from the starting date to stop smoke.
  • You will need support from friends and relatives. Let them know that you are planning to stop smoking and will actively try to achieve the goal. Friends and family members will make you busy and can help to distract your mind from taking a cigarette.
  • Seek professional help. There are certain medicines the doctor may prescribe to help you get rid of harmful smoking habit. This option should be considered because nicotine addiction is effectively removed with special medications.
  • Make a diversion. Find new interest to take your time and distract the mind from smoking. It is a good idea to join recreation and sports camps so that to divert your attention and energy from nicotine addiction.

The simple methods to stop smoking will work only if you are really determined to give up smoking. If you are not determined enough and goal oriented, none of the options to quit smoking will make a difference for you.

You can read a book on simple ways to stop smoking. As a matter of fact it helped 96% of readers to quit smoking.

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