Signs of Depression in Patients with Bipolar Disoder

It is crucial to realize and be able to detect the signs of depression in people with bipolar disorder.

Depression is a universal disorder, and it doesn’t really matter whether an individual is diagnosed with bipolar or unipolar depression. To diagnose a depressive episode combined with the bipolar disorder, there should be five or more symptoms present of those listed below. The signs of depression must last for about five days a week for minimum two weeks and more.

The National Institute of Mental Health made a guideline on how to diagnose depression patients with bipolar disorder.

  1. In fact, the first sign of depression is obvious in the depressed people, no matter they have bipolar disorder or not. Noticing long-lasting deep moods and sadness in people is enough to say they are depressed.
  2. If your friend or a relative has lost interest in hobbies and activities they used to enjoy, do not feel pleasure in daily activities, this is a sign of depression.
  3. If an individual cannot remember something that happened short time ago, concentrate on a particular thing and have difficulty in making a decision, like what to have for dinner, all these signal he or she has depression.
  4. If your friend feels extremely hopeless and tends to become pessimistic or negative, this is another sign of depression. This symptom might be seen and not with both bipolar patients and healthy individuals.
  5. If a person tends to sleep much, about 14-16 hours every day without even attempting to get out, it might be considered a sign of severe depression.
  6. Extreme loss of appetite and as a result sudden loss of weight can also indicate depression state an individual is falling into.
  7. If a person shows constant obsession about death and speaks often about suicide or even tries to commit it, this is obviously a sign of depression and actually at this stage depression may cause a real disaster. It is crucially important to seek medical help immediately.
  8. If an individual often feels pain all over the body and there aren’t any physical signs to verify the nature of the pain, in this case this might mean that a patient might be depressed.
  9. Extreme tiredness and fatigue as well as a tendency to spend the whole day in bed are signs indicating that a bipolar patient is depressed.
  10. If someone becomes very irritable or aggressive, shows lack of patience, it might be considered as an adverse effect caused by depression.

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