Tips to Avoid Common Causes of Depression

As far as depression is very common nowadays, it is necessary to know the major sings and causes. In general this will definitely help you avoid the depression. It is a must to be aware of depression as it is crucial for your health.

As a matter of fact there is a number of depression symptoms that most people can notice. An interesting fact is that there are signs which can be noticed in every person every time for other people it might be a depression symptom or it may be not.

The most common symptoms of major depression are listed below:

  • intense sadness that never ends,
  • feelings of worthlessness and helplessness,
  • energy loss,
  • lack of interest in activities that you used to enjoy,
  • difficulty in concentrating or making a decision

There are several causes of depression which you can take under control.

Stress is in most cases the main trigger of depression. Modern world is undoubtedly more stressful because of the recession and different situations in life: people have families to care for, they are afraid to lose their jobs. All this and many other factors cause tension and stress.

Another cause of depression is related to low self esteem. People start looking down on themselves.

Life situations are also frequent cause of depression. Typically it is something very traumatic to an individual that caused him or her to develop state of depression. Traumatic occurrences can haves different forms such as emotional, physical, substance abuse, sexual abuse, death of beloved people and more.

Another well known cause of depression is chemical disproportion. It?s a common fact that generally people under depression tend to have irregular levels of such brain chemicals as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. As a matter of fact these brain substances influence the way people encounter certain emotions.

Help for depression is available. So if you suspect you or someone of your relatives and friends have depression, it is necessary to seek professional help. In fact, depression will worsen if you just leave it untreated. Trying to deal with depression, you need to take steps to overcome it. The initial step is visiting your doctor. The next step is likely to be a medication therapy or classes for managing depression.

Natural depression treatments are also available however it is important that you first advice with the doctor. Among natural options for treating depression we can name folic acid, vitamin B12 and St. John’s Wort.

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