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For many people it is impossible to lose weight without a supervision of another person. Sometimes they lack motivation or just have problems adjusting to a new healthy lifestyle and because of that they give up on it. It means that such people need to find some new way of losing weight. For example, some special programs can help them to achieve better results. One of these programs is Slimming World.

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Slimming World is a special program for people who are overweight and cannot lose their extra kilos themselves. This program aims not only at teaching how to eat correctly, but also it encourages its members to keep their new eating habits and highlights the importance of active life in the process of weight losing.

The history of Sliming World

Sliming World is a program that was invented in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. She also had problems with her weight and because of that she struggled with frustration and guilt for all these unfinished attempts.

More than 50 years have passed from the moment when she introduced this new method for weight losing. And today Sliming World has more than four thousand consultants and about sixteen thousand groups in the United Kingdom. This statistics means that Slimming World really works.

What is Slimming World diet?

Sliming World diet aims at establishing food optimizing diet. It is a diet that should bring balance to your daily ration. It does not require measuring your daily consumption of calories, the only thing you should do is to diversify your meal and add different kinds of food to it. People who stick to this diet divide all the food in three groups.

  • The first one is Free Food, such as fruits and vegetables, fish, some meat, rice and other food that is low in calories, but more filling. Members of this program should include this type of food in every meal.
  • The second type of food is Healthy Extras. This category includes food that is rich in calcium and dietary fiber, for example, grain bread products, cheese, milk etc. These products are nutritious and provide daily norm of calories, but their consumption is restricted. It means that you can eat just small amount of Healthy Extras a day.
  • And the last type is Syns (from synergy). It includes food that is not really healthy, but that we cannot live without. It includes candies, ice cream, wine and other products. We can find Syns in the list of allowed products, because eating them we boost our mood and, thus, stay positive about our intention to lose weight.

Slimming World is not limited by the recommendations of what food to eat. This program also includes Slimming World Support and Slimming World Activity Plan.

Slimming World Support

Support is a very significant part of the program. Many people stop trying to lose weight because they do not believe in themselves. Slimming World provides access to online program that would teach you how to eat correctly. In addition, members of the program have access to online Slimming Group. The participants share their achievements there and praise and support each other.

Slimming World Activity Plan

Although it is not obligatory for the members of the program to do exercises, Slimming World program stress the importance of physical activity.  It is stated that physical exercises would accelerate the process of weight losing, but the participants can chose whether they need it or not. We may say that this diet program gives its followers some kind of freedom.

Slimming World is a diet program that has proven its effectiveness for more than 50 years. It is not a diet that requires a lot of effort from you. It is a program that teaches you how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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