PMS Depression Review

PMS is a well-known condition that usually affects not only women but their partners as well.

The thing is that PMS is fraught with mood changes and this directly influences the degree of a relationship and often in a bad way. PMS depression is not something that is invented – it is actually a serious symptom when a woman tends to have her serotonin levels lowered in the fortnight before the period. Frequently women are advised to take antidepressants in order to alleviate the symptoms of PMS depression; however, they not always help let alone are appropriate.

In general, depression as a condition is frequently underestimated. But the thing is it is a serious condition and there are a great many people who suffer from it worldwide. The majority of them are women as they are more emotional in general. It is a dominant supposition that the foremost triggering factor of depression and PMS depression as well is hormonal imbalance due to alternations in the organism that happen when a women is going to have period, or is pregnant, or is ready to enter menopause. However, there are no strong proofs that it is only because of this.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is considered an aggravated form of PMS and it is met less frequently in women. It is characterized by even worse manifestation of characteristic symptoms, be it pains or PMS depression and even can be accompanied with suicidal thoughts. It is supposed that levels of serotonin drop too low, which causes such mood swings. Serotonin represents neurotransmitter to the brain which job is to transmit signals from nerve endings of the brain and the rest of the body. It is supposed to be in charge of mood and sleeping patterns as well as appetite. In case the levels of serotonin are low, depression evokes; when it is at the time of waiting for a period – PMS depression develops.

PMS depression appears depending on the time of a woman’s period but it is usually in the two weeks preceding to it. It is characterized by the following symptoms: mood swings and general mood level that is low, sadness that can frequently appear out of nowhere, loss of interest and pleasure in any activities and hobbies, tendency to cry on every account. Problems with sleeping are frequent and eating habits change. It is very often that women get prone to overeating and binge eating. These sufferings due to the PMS depression are also accompanied with physical aspect and generally can be observed in the two weeks prior to the period itself. Generally, within the few days when it starts, women feel relief and depression symptoms alleviate.

PMS depression manifests itself a lot more severe when a woman is generally depressed. She might feel bad and down and unhappy for the most part of the month and then the symptoms cannot be explained by PMS only. However, they do get a lot worse in case major depression or especially bipolar disorders are involved. It is supposed that women with these disorders are prone to have high levels of progesterone and cortisol and also other neuroactive steroids in this fortnight period. That is why PMS depression symptoms are so much worse in these women than in general.

It is recommended to try some natural herbs for the alleviation of the condition. Some prescription medications can also be of help. However, it is not recommended to try anything without a consultation with your health care provider.

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