Allergic Rhinitis Treatment that Really Works

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment

People suffering from allergic reactions are often advised to avoid those substances which cause wheezing, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, inflammation, hives and itching. The avoidance might work, but solely avoidance cannot be a good strategy for managing allergies. Moreover sometimes it is just impossible to avoid allergens all the time.

The problem here is that if you can avoid some allergy triggers, you might develop allergy to others. In fact, avoidance is a nice strategy for external environment. The good news is that there are several other methods to control allergy which act from inside of the body. Let?s discuss five most popular methods to manage allergy which really work.

  1. Keep on eating trigger foods it is necessary to improve your digestive system. It is possible to raise the stomach acid production by eating bitter foods for a start of every meal, or using betaine. You may start with one tablet so that not to stimulate excessive acid production. The thing is that the better your organism can digest food, the less allergy reaction you have.
  2. Balance the immunity The common trigger for a sinus is caused by T cells flooding from the immune system, ready to fight against a misconstrued invader. Mint family herbs are known to slow the activity of T cells. Peppermint tea, peppermint lozenge as well as mint in salads can help to mitigate hyperactivity in the throat and nose.
  3. Air filters can be used to reduce allergy HEPA air filters are known for the ability to remove dust mites, pollen, cigarette smoke heavy particles, and some toxins from your room. Although none air filter can remove all the particles and this means that other treatment options should be used to control allergic response.
  4. Aromatherapy The old way of using essential oil is to heat some water, add several drops of oil, and put your head and the bowl with water under a towel to breathe in. This old fashioned method really works, however it’s easier, and less expensive, to take an ultrasound diffuser. It will provide a strong stream of the essential oils to the room. One diffuser will be enough for every room.
  5. Acupressure massage is an effective allergic rhinitis treatment. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization, having the results of almost 100 studies performed at different research institutions all over the world, discovered that acupressure massage is good for alleviating allergies at least for a short term. In fact, it has proven to be as effective as most prescription medications. In addition, it has been found out that regular facial massage gives longer relief from allergy and is a great allergic rhinitis treatment. It works more effectively than other conventional and alternative treatment options.

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