Is It Easy to Be a Gifted Child?

Every parent wants their child to be gifted, more intelligent, and more judicious than their peers. But not many people understand that a gifted child is a child anyway. No matter how gifted your child is, you will face problems anyway.

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When we meet gifted children and listen to them talking about things that sometimes are not clear even for adults, we think that they are born under a lucky star and that they would definitely achieve great results in their life. But, in fact, the life of such children can be even harder in comparison with lives of other children of their age.

What does it mean to be gifted?

A gifted child is a child whose abilities are highly developed, which allows them to become successful in certain fields.

According to the statistics only 20 – 30 per cent of children in the world can be considered as gifted. And only 5 per cent of them do not have any problems with their social life. The rest are in a great risk of social exclusion and can be rejected by their peers. Sometimes giftedness does not turn a child into a castaway, but on the other hand makes their life easier in some way. But sometimes giftedness can give rise to many complex social and psychological contradictions. Unfortunately, the latter variant is more common. And because of that gifted children usually face different problems in their life.

Friendship issues

The problem that many gifted children meet in their school years is incapability to have and keep friends. It happens because such children realize their difference from other classmates. Such talented children perceive not their giftedness, but their distinctiveness from other children. And in most cases the other children perceive them in the same way. That is why gifted children usually cannot understand their peers and their peers cannot understand them.

This situation can be changed with the help of a school teacher and a psychologist. Parents can ask a teacher to identify other gifted children of the same age in school and help them to become friends. It is a great idea to visit a psychologist, who can help a gifted child to realize that their difference in emotional and intellectual spheres is not a deviation, but a sign of their high potential.

Self-esteem issues

As many gifted children remain misunderstood by their peers it may result in their bullying at school. Psychologies say that the more intellectually gifted your child is, the greater the risk of getting any social difficulties that can cause such psychological problems as depression and low self-esteem.

Parents of gifted children should follow the level of self-esteem of their child. If it is low parents should find a special activity for their child doing which they can show their abilities and get approval of other people. It can be some sport or hobby, for example. And of course, parents should not forget to praise their child, because only then children feel their importance for their family and only then they can develop an adequate self-esteem.


Most of gifted children are perfectionists. They have an inner desire to do everything just perfect. Such children can spend a lot of time doing their homework, because they want everything to be just perfect. It can result in psychological problems, health problems, and problems with time management. Their classmates may consider such behavior as an attempt to show off, but, in fact, their aim is not to be praised, but to be satisfied with their work themselves.

In this situation it is good for a child to visit a psychologist who can help them to cope with their perfectionism.

Being a gifted child means being different from other children, but exactly this difference makes this child unique. And if parents of such a child help them to overcome all the problems and difficulties in their life, they can successfully actualize their great potential and abilities.


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