How to Reverse Heart Disease Safely and Naturally

As a matter of fact, 700,000 people in the US die from heart diseases every year, and the first sign for half of the fatal cases is actually a massive heart attack. With the growing popularity of fast foods the number of deaths from heart disease has risen immensely.

In fact, food at restaurants is generally full of extra calories, salt, processed meats and sugar which result different heart diseases. Atherosclerosis is one of the common types of heart diseases. It is provoked by plaque that narrows the wall of artery and blocks normal blood circulation.

Over the last decade, many facts have been discovered about natural ways to reverse heart disease naturally.

The main cause of atherosclerosis in most cases is poor diet habits. When we eat an unhealthy meal, dangerous byproducts enter the bloodstream causing potentially devastating consequences. This condition causes oxidized LDL and other substances to fill small cracks in arteries which form because of aging and hypertension.

A healthy diet consisting of leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean proteins and natural unprocessed fat sources has a healing effect, as the body demonstrates an amazing ability to naturally reverse years of food abuse. Arterial plaque slowly builds over the course of a lifetime and can be reversed by maintaining a proper diet over time.

An essential part of a healthy diet is the removal of processed meats and wheat-based carbs as both the nutrients increase the risks of having a heart attack by 50%.

Dietary changes should go alongside with stress management and exercise. There are supplemental cocktails which can decrease the risk of plaque formation. One of the most popular of such supplements is niacin which affects the size of LDL particles, making fluffy particles that are less prone to forming clogs and plaque.

Vitamin D is known to reverse heart disease. As a matter of fact, vitamin D prevents LDL cholesterol from forming plaque in the arteries. At the genetic level vitamin D provides the blueprint to control systemic inflammation and promote cellular replication.

Make sure that you have the required blood test. Fish oil is very important because it lowers the risk heart attacks, mostly by managing arrhythmia and decreasing triglyceride levels.

Proline and lysine, together with Vitamin C are known to decrease plaque volume. This mixture can combine with foamy plaque in artery and remove it safely. Vitamin C is responsible for maintaining the elastic nature of artery walls and prevents clot forming and abnormal bleeding.

Prescription medicines cannot reverse heart disease. They only mask the cause, which allows the disorder to develop further. Actually, strict diet changes and proper exercising are needed to reverse heart disease. Lots of people have managed to reverse heart disease by following the formula: healthy diet+ exercising + supplemental nutrition cocktails and now they live a healthy life.

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