Erectile Dysfunction: What Can Lead to It?

The issue in question, while not being the thing you’d like to discuss with anyone other than a doctor, can arise due to a variety of reasons. Our hectic lives are full of risk factors which can contribute to the development of ED, and here are some of them.

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Keep your pecker up!

Depression is one of the reasons why ED can strike. When you’re sad, you don’t feel like experiencing sexual excitement, and if your mind is busy trying to solve all the problems you have to face, you’re very likely to have your desire dampened. Being depressed requires treatment, and in most cases it implies taking drugs, which, in their turn, can contribute to ED. This vicious circle can be broken with the help of your spouse: although sexual activity remains an important aspect of life for many people, coming out of your depression is definitely a more important thing than ED, because the latter will not be treated unless you treat the former. That is why the support of your spouse is so important. So cheer up and face all the challenges together to get over your depression and go on to treat your ED!

Demon rum

Indulging too much is one of the ED causes which can lead to other serious issues. Consuming a lot of alcohol damages your organs and contributes to the development of cardiovascular and other diseases. All organs in our body interact, and since alcohol affects all of them, it has a negative impact on erection. However, drinking alcohol is not to be avoided completely: unless you have serious diseases preventing you from consuming alcohol, one drink a day can actually be beneficial. The recommended kind of drinks is red wines. They can benefit your heart, and if your heart is healthy, you are less likely to suffer from ED, because in most cases there’s a cardiovascular disease behind the problem.

Dangers lurking in obesity

Let’s be honest – the bottles of beer you drink several times a week benefit neither your performance in the bedroom, nor other parts of your body. Those extra pounds you carry with you wherever you go are a burden that contributes to your body deterioration: your heart feels worse, your blood pressure breaks away from its normal limits, and your arteries harden, which hinders blood flow to all body parts, including the one in question. The level of testosterone also drops. All these and other systems are disrupted by obesity. Getting rid of extra fat is one of the first steps one should take to try to treat ED.

How was your last health exam?

There are many diseases and conditions which can lead to changes in the body which also manifest themselves in ED. The range of such issues is really wide. For example, the most widely spread conditions which bring ED as a bonus are hypertension and diabetes. However, the list is not limited to them: hormonal insufficiencies are also common. Neurological problems are also capable of causing it (sometimes a trauma, such as the one resulting from prostatectomy or other surgery, can have such an effect). In some cases, potassium deficiency is the biological reason behind ED. Those who drink water contaminated with arsenic also report facing this problem. To find out what can cause ED in your particular case, do not skip regular health check-ups, and don’t forget to tell your doctor what has happened. Once you’ve found out what disease you’re suffering from, it will be easier to treat ED.

It’s all in your brain

Although hypertension and hormonal insufficiencies are widely spread, some men confront the problem of ED which is the result of their anxiety, anger, stress, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, etc. Psychological impotence can be treated with the help of an experienced psychologist.

If you want to solve this problem, you’d better see your GP, because there may be other diseases underlying ED, and if all your systems are fine, you can also opt for consulting a psychologist.

However, there’s one more thing to remember – sexual activity is not the cornerstone of life, after all.


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