Ibuprofen Kills Not Only Pain But You

There are no people in the world who have not experienced any kind of pain such as toothache, headache, pain in muscles etc. Usually we wait for it to vanish or just take painkillers, sometimes excessively. But we do not even think that simple painkillers can affect our health a lot.

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We are used to the idea that everything can be treated with the help of just one magic pill. We do not follow the instructions of a manufacturer or a doctor and take those medicines in huge dozes thinking that it will help our body to cope with the illness faster. In fact, taking even such harmless at first sight medicine as ibuprofen unrestrictedly, you may acquire a great number of health problems.

Ibuprofen for men’s health

The scientists from Copenhagen proved that ibuprofen is especially dangerous for men. Taking ibuprofen may result in fertility problems, fatigue and erectile dysfunction.

An experiment conducted in the University of Copenhagen examined the body reaction of 31 male from 18 to 35-year-old, who were asked to take about 600 mg of ibuprofen a day (equal to three pills). The results showed that the level of testosterone of all the participants lowered significantly. Usually such lack of testosterone is typical for older men or for those who smoke a lot.

After two weeks of experiment the participants experienced a special syndrome that appears when the body does not get enough testosterone. The body lacks this hormone and it tries to boost its level.

Ibuprofen for pregnant women

But not only men can become victims of ibuprofen. Women are also in danger, especially pregnant women. The researchers from Copenhagen stated that taking ibuprofen during pregnancy sixteen times increases the risk of cryptorchidism in boys.

The researchers examined more than 2000 pregnant women. The doctors noted how often they take painkillers, and several months later they checked their sons for cryptorchidism.

It turned out that the simultaneous intake of two types of painkillers increases the risk of cryptorchidism in boys by 16 times. The most adverse period for taking ibuprofen, paracetamol and aspirin is believed to be the second trimester of pregnancy. These painkillers lower the production of testosterone, and the process of formation of genital organs. Both these factors can cause cryptorchidism. If this disease is not treated, in future it can lead to infertility. (For more information visit).

Ibuprofen for your heart

Danish scientists stated that ibuprofen can increase the risk of cardiac arrest by more than 30 per cent. The researchers studied about 30 000 cases of cardiac arrest for non-hospitalized people that occurred in Denmark during the period of 2001-2010. They found out that more than 3 000 people used to take ibuprofen or diclofenac 30 days before the cardiac arrest. Those who consumed diclofenac showed a 50 per cent higher probability of cardiac arrest. The probability of cardiac arrest for people who took ibuprofen was slightly lower (31 per cent). (For more information visit).

Also, it was stated that patients who had heart attack and who took painkillers after it, ibuprofen in particular, increased the probability of cardiac arrest by even 60 per cent.

Such an effect of these painkillers may be described by their ability to narrow vessels and to contribute to accumulation of platelet in them. Both factors increase the heart load and because of that may lead to appearance of some heart disease or even cardiac arrest.

A lot of researches prove that ibuprofen is not the right means to fight with pain. It is believed that a dangerous doze is 2400 mg of ibuprofen a day, but some doctors assume that patients hardly exceed it and because of that they insist on further research. It is clear that ibuprofen affects our health a lot, and, thus, we have to use some other sources to get rid of pain. (Useful information).

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