The Three Categories of the Best Weight Loss Diets

There are many diet plans and you can spend a big part of your life trying them in an attempt to lose weight and do not get the desired effect. In fact, the best weight loss programs are similar to a certain extent, and the thing is that they can be easily maintained for quite a time.


There are dieting plans which suggest that you should count calories to lose weight. This is true to a certain extent. If the calorie intake is lower than the usual norm, you will start losing weight. However if the diet plan you follow contains too many synthetic ingredients, junk and chemicals, it will happen so that after some weight loss at the initial stage, you will notice certain weight gain again.

The foods you eat are also very important. If you consume junk food, the body will feel tired, sluggish and overworked. On the other side, if you eat fruits and vegetable, lean organic proteins, nuts and drink much water, you will lose weight efficiently and feel great.


There is no need to spend long hours in the gym. Apart from the time there are several issues to discuss like cardio exercises. Actually in most cases this can lead to increased feeling of hunger. Cardio is certainly good for your health, but in excess such exercises wear the body out, and do not create new muscles. This is an undesired effect.

Instead of spending the whole day doing cardiovascular exercises, you might as well perform muscle building exercises for 20-30 minutes a day. You can walk for about 10 minutes briskly, carry out a set of crunches, push ups, step ups and lunges and that’s it.

Life sustaining

Many people believe that choosing “low cal” products rather than regular foods, they can achieve success in weight loss. The thing is that such low calorie options contain ingredients no human should ever eat; besides they can do be dangerous.

According to the studies people who consume diet products tend to eat more misconstruing that it will be healthy. As a matter of fact low calorie foods can encourage overeating.

The best weight loss diets promote real, life-sustaining foods. The point is to eat less of them. As far as such food is full of nutrition, you won’t have food cravings and will remain energetic for long. The best weight loss diet is the one which may be life sustaining.

The best advice for those who want to lose weight effectively is to look for a weight loss diet which includes real food, good exercise program and is indeed sustainable. In some time you are sure to see the results which will surprise you pleasantly.

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