How to Make Winter a Time to Remember

If you are one of those who cannot stand winter because of its cold and darkness, you might want to reevaluate this wonderful season. Really, there is a lot to love about winter! And here is why.

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Reinventing coldness

If we ask a lot of people why they don’t like winter, the most popular answers will be coldness and darkness. Yet why is coldness a thing to hate? There is a lot it brings with it.

When the weather is cold, you can do things that would otherwise be unavailable, like skiing, making snowmen, ice skating, etc. If you’re not into sports, it’s just the time to try some of them!

“What kind of advice is it – do they really want me to go outdoors when it’s so cold?!”

Yep! However odd it may sound, the coldness of winter will bring you joy, if you look at it from another perspective. First, when you are moving, you do not feel that cold, provided you have appropriate clothes and equipment. Sports can make you feel happier, and not only because it’s much fun: when muscles work, endorphins are produced, and the exercising person actually feels better despite spending energy. Doing sports is a nice option if you feel tired and want to get rid of work- and study-related stress. Second, advanced technologies have been implemented even in the clothing industry: you can get cozy thermal underwear and go for long walks as if it was a warmer season. Modern underwear made of merino wool can help you turn winter into one more season when you can spend a lot of time outdoors without feeling cold.

Breaking through darkness

Another thing characteristic of winter is darkness. It gets so difficult to get up in the morning, because your body does not understand why it should wake up and go to work when it’s still dark outside. To overcome such a difficulty, you need something to imitate dawn. Here is when advanced technologies may come in handy again: there are lamps which can change their brightness over time, thus imitating the Sun appearing above the horizon and gradually making your room full of light. It takes about 30 minutes for the artificial Sun to rise, and your body will find it easier to wake up.

If you cannot afford sleeping until the time there is enough natural light, such lamps can be a way out.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white…

Winter is a beautiful season. The white snow covering roofs, trees, fields and mountains is so magnificent that the photos of it are no less breathtaking than those taken in summer.

Another opportunity to bring more art to winter is to make ice sculptures. Christmas, besides being a holy day on its own, also offers a lot of opportunities to stretch your creative muscles – decorating for winter holidays is fun, especially if you do it as a family! By the way, did you know that Christmas decorations also make people happier?

Love is in the air…

Winter is a special time. It gives you a unique opportunity to drink hot chocolate while enjoying a good book and marshmallows. Reading by a fireplace is a magnificent experience!

So don’t get depressed – the winter is not forever, after all. With each day, it gets lighter earlier. By the way, if you cannot make yourself get up early in summer to see a beautiful dawn, winter can help you do it!

February and March are the best part of the winter to go on vacation. Even if it’s just a couple of days, breathing fresh air will definitely help you reduce stress and get more energy for further work!

If you don’t feel like going outside, you can invite friends and spend more time indoors watching movies, enjoying hot beverages and just take your time.

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