Psychological Defense Mechanisms List

It is normal for every person to have inner conflicts. Z. Freud tended to explain them as the result of tension occurring from sexual and aggressive impulses.

Normally, all these conflicts are supposed to resolve by themselves naturally and without much fuss. However, some of them to turn into long-lasting ones and then affect a person not in the best way. Anxiety and depression can develop and a person feels very uncomfortable. But our organism is a very complicated and wise thing and our psyche seeks the ways to alleviate the sufferings. That is why there are such things as defense mechanisms. They are supposed to help us cope with all the unpleasant emotion and the like. Here are defense mechanisms list comprising of the major 7 ones.

One of the first in the defense mechanisms list is rationalization. It is a way to find sense and explanation of every aspect of our lives. This is a very frequent thing and all people use it. In case of emotions and conflicts it helps to create an acceptable explanation to the things that make us suffer by wrapping them up into some noble and rightful excuses. The explanation can not exactly fit the reality but it usually brings consolation. And this is what we actually need in the end.

Next in the list of defense mechanisms list is identification. It is a very frequent thing especially in people with a lot of insecurities and low self-esteem. The attempt at identification with some social group that is often strong and radiates confidence and success is viewed as a way to get away from one?s troubles. By joining some club or group a person may feel more secure and confident than he was on his own.

Displacement is also in the defense mechanisms list. This can be explained as the attempt of diverting one’s feelings to something that is not its original source. This is true about negative emotions (e.g. anger for someone frequently is released on someone or something else, commonly innocent). However, in some cases positive emotions can be displaced as well.

One of the frequently met in the defense mechanisms list is projection. It is characterized by the tendency to attribute one’s feelings and properties to others. This is frequently a delusion; however, it helps to restore peace of mind to some people.

If you talk about regression, it is a tendency to adhere to behavior patterns that are immature and improper for a person’s age and/or status. This is done both as a negative response and as manipulation method. Regression is not the last in the defense mechanisms list.

The same can be said about reaction formation. Defense mechanisms list defines it as a person’s acquiring the opposite behavior to his or her true feelings. This is a very strange mechanism indeed but it also serves to fulfill some of our emotional need, it is supposed.

The last in this defense mechanisms list is repression. This is the most powerful one; however, it can be fraught with a lot of problems afterwards. It is exactly the act of staying away and keeping far in the unconscious all the thoughts and feelings that are painful and hard for us. These are all unpleasant memories that somehow affected us negatively so that we tend to forget them. These are all the unfulfilled dreams and deeds that are hard to think about. There are also our desires that are not met.

There are more items in defense mechanisms list and they are all curious as our psyche is. For those who are interested in the topic there is a plethora of information online.

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