Hypogonadism Symptoms

Hypogonadism is a condition that describes improper functioning of gonads, which is fraught with the reduction of hormones production. Besides, it also influences germ cells production and threatens the ability of a woman to conceive. However, this is not a female condition only. In general, hypogonadism symptoms show that testes in men and ovaries in women do not work as they should. This condition can affect sexual health of a person pretty badly. The illness can be either acquired or congenital. In the former case it can be a result of some earlier illness.

According to hypogonadism symptoms and the effects there are two types of the condition differentiated. Primary hypogonadism has got the malfunctioning of testes or ovaries. In case of secondary hypogonadism, which can also be called acquired, lower hormone production and malfunctioning of gonads is evoked by some other condition or disorder.

Male Hypogonadism Symptoms

Men frequently lose sex drive and exterience problems with erection. These can be the most prominent symptoms of the condition. Erections tend to be weak or hard to achieve and maintain; or both. It is also very characteristic that testosterone levels drop considerably, which leads to loss of sex drive. Another eloquent in the list of hypogonadism symptoms is a man’s lack of desire to work out and perform any activities.

One of the most eloquent hypogonadism symptoms is frequent change of mood. A man is likely to be irritable and depressed with low self-esteem and fits of nervousness and bad mood. Besides, improper functioning of gonads is fraught with mental activity problems. Concentration gets worse and so does general performance.

Hypogonadism is capable of speeding up aging process in a man. With hypogonadism symptoms in full a person tends to lose strength and gets pshysically older faster. It affects appearance and skin reacts the first with wrinkles and loss of vitality.

Female Hypogonadism Symptoms

When it comes to women, hypogonadism symptoms are also very characteristic. The first one in the list is problems with bones. They become fragile and more prone to fractures and breakage. As men, women tend to feel no desire and their sex drive is also low. It is fraught with decreased ovulation. Hypogonadism symptoms in women also include excessive sweating and hot flashes. Mood swings as well as tendency to irritation can also be noted. Besides, there can be headaches and vision problems and etc.

Hypogonadism symptoms are diagnosed with a line of tests. Blood tests are presupposed to measure the levels of hormones: testosterone in men and estrogen in women. It is also possible that this condition can be a sign of another condition such as Turner’s syndrome or some other. In case there are any suspicions that something is wrong, it is recommended to undergo a checkup and consult a doctor.

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