Sleep Pattern Disturbance

People so far have not invented the way to live without sleep. It is an essential part of our daily schedule and it is crucial for our organism. Sleep gives time for rest and recreation as well as gaining more energy. It is the time when our body gets rid of the stress effect and our memory improves as well as other functions.

However, it is not always that people sleep well and soundly. It can happen that a person has problems going to sleep, or sleeps too little, or too much. This is called sleep pattern disturbance and can be a long-term condition. There are different reasons that are capable of evoking this condition.

One of the first factors that are believed to evoke sleep pattern disturbance is stress. Modern life is hard to imagine without it and it is so very frequent that stressed and exhausted with anxiety people cannot sleep well and get even more exhausted as a result.

Moreover, there are other factors such as excessive caffeine consumption that can interfere with healthy sleep. Tea and soda are believed to have similar effect on a person?s sleep and evoke sleep pattern disturbance.

There are also such serious conditions as insomnia, dyspnea and parasomnia; and they can stand behind sleep pattern disturbance as well.

Very frequently a person who does not have enough physical activity has troubles with rest and sleeping. Medications can provide a similar effect on a person depriving him from a healthy sleep. One of the most powerful forces that can keep a person awake and in a bad state both physical and mental is depression. There are so many cases when people felt depressed and could not sleep and therefore had their depression even more aggravated.

Sleep pattern disturbance is first of all characterized by troubles falling to sleep. Sometimes a person can wake up early and is unable to get back to sleep. In all the cases a person is unable to rest properly and feels exhausted and worn out. It is especially hard when a condition is long-lasting. Other symptoms that tend to develop with time: dark circles under eyes, irritability, constant fatigue and feeling of weakness, also disorientation and problems with concentration, etc.

In order to help a person with sleep pattern disturbance it is crucial to define the core reason of the problem. Depending on the cause, treatment will be selected. A person has basis for worry in case this condition is recurrent or permanent. This is when seeking treatment might be necessary. In all the other cases it can be helped with some natural means.

Sleep pattern disturbance that is actually evoked by the illness or a disorder is helped by treating the condition in the first place. In many cases it can be alleviated by mild medications. However, it should be taken into consideration that it is not recommended to apply or help of sleeping pills when it can be avoided and especially for the help of over the counter ones. Many of them evoke addiction and also capable of causing adverse effects.

Sleep pattern disturbance that are stress and anxiety induced can be relieved by meditation and with various relaxation techniques. One of the best methods in the fields is yoga. It is generally useful and recreative and improves sleep as well.

A good recommendation for those who tend to suffer from sleep pattern disturbance is also to avoid products rich in caffeine such as coffee and tea and soda, etc. They tend to arouse and stimulate the nervous system; which exactly is the opposite from what your organism needs in the evening.

It is also beneficial for general health and also sleep improvement to increase the amount of physical activity in the daytime. Lack of sufficient activity negatively affects a person?s organism.

Among other recipes for eliminating sleep pattern disturbance are proper sleeping environment and strict schedule. All in all, the condition is not very nice but can be easily helped with some simple methods.

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