Unconscious Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Unconscious teeth grinding, whether night or day, is called bruxism, and should not be underestimated!

The reasons for such complaints are yet to be known, but many dentists, professors and other highly qualified people working on a diagnosis of the reasons for the disorder of the nerves in the jaw.
From work already completed, it appears that mainly everyday items such as Today, the widespread stress, lack of exercise to stress management and / or psychological influences, such as psychological problems after a separation or the loss of a love for the people responsible with the disease.

Initial symptoms of bruxism are classic toothache, tooth grinding various facets of the persistent, unconscious beating each of the teeth, pain in the actual jaw etc.

Further symptoms or complaints:

  • A gradual loosening of teeth.
  • Thickenings in the cheeks and temporal muscles by unconscious muscle in these areas of the head muscles.
  • Move the teeth in the chewing border by the persistent grinding, also known as tooth migration.
  • A regular cracking of the jaw when done occasionally.

Although the reasons for bruxism are not known, there are some methods to alleviate the pain or out couriers.

One of the methods is by wearing a acrylic resin bite guard during the night when sleeping, the first purely technical help in the clash while biting the jaws and thus prevented a large part of the pain, but the actual cause is determined by this method is not yet known and not treatable. To address the root causes you need to combat it more of a therapy as a single medicine.

Examples would be a fundamental change of habits or not to allow stressing its origins. Furthermore, relaxation therapies are popular. They should be good for the body – such as the name says – relax, leading to less irritated nerve, and thus help the violated Bruxism habit.

If you have a case of bruxism and needs help, you can safely contact your family doctor and ask about it.

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