What Can Cause Forgetfulness?

Everybody had such situations when you constantly forget things. You do not understand what the reasons of such memory loss are and finally you think of some disease. But sometimes the reasons of your forgetfulness might lie in other problems.

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It is always scaring when you forget doing something or telling. You may feel frustrated and in some cases even embarrassed when you forget something important. You want to change the situation, you ask the internet for help and search what can cause your memory loss. You might even go to the doctor thinking that you have some serious disease. But in fact such memory loss may be the result of your psychological problems that can be easily treated. So, what can cause your forgetfulness?


The most common reason of forgetfulness is stress. Physical or nervous stress always leads to numerous changes in the body. And they can be both positive and negative. Short term stress may even improve your ability to remember. Many pupils and students are familiar with this effect of stress when preparing to the exams. But if the stress is constant it will affect your memory in a negative way.

Stress can cause sudden fluctuations of glucose in blood that is the main source of energy for the brain. In the case of constant stress, the whole organism is exhausted, and your cerebral circulation is disturbed because of the constant spasm of the blood vessels. It leads to the deterioration of the work of all parts of the brain and the weakening of your memory.


The scientists from the University of Dallas in Texas proved that depression can cause memory loss. They selected 75 students and divided them in two groups. The first group was asked to recall the sequence of figures. The second group had to do the same thing, but after it was forced to think of some depressive things. The results showed that people who had depression coped with the task about 30 per cent worse than the participants who did not have to think of some sad things. The scientists found out that constant negative thoughts have a destructive effect on the processes of memorization. They say that the volume of people’s working memory is limited and if a person constantly has negative thoughts their memory just cannot keep other information and, thus, throws it away.

Lack of sleep

People who suffer insomnia may have problems with the activation of certain areas of the brain responsible for short-term memory. Moreover, the areas of the brain that are usually active, when a person is awake can be “turned off” if this person does not sleep properly. Such people say that sometimes they struggle to concentrate during the day to do the necessary tasks, but they just cannot do it.

The researchers from the University of California examined a group of 50 people the half of which had insomnia. They were asked to do some tasks while their brains were scanned with the help of magnetic resonance imaging. They found out that the brain of people suffering insomnia showed less activity in the areas responsible for memory, compared to the people who have no problems with sleep.

How to cope with these problems?

All the problems mentioned above are caused by your lifestyle. The only thing you should do to change the situation and to be happy is to change your behavior, your attitude to life. Psychologists recommend doing exercises regularly to fight stress and depression. Sports can help you stay healthy physically and also mentally as you let your thoughts off during training and in such a way let your brain relax.

Doing sports can also help you with your insomnia. And it works in both ways: doing exercises helps you to sleep better and to be peppy when you get up.

All the people have problems with their memory from time to time, and sometimes these problems may be the result of our tough lifestyle. By changing our lifestyle we can change our life in general. We can be happier and healthier. Everything depends on us!

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