Four Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Today life pace is really fast. We try to do as much as possible and to be everywhere on time. It looks as if we live in autopilot mode. We eat and do not feel the taste, we walk and do not see what is going on around, and we sleep and do not feel relaxed when we wake up. It is high time we stopped and started thinking of ourselves, our mental health.

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As we have to manage to do a lot of things during a day, we do not pay enough attention to ourselves and to our state of mind. We might feel unhappy and continue doing the same things, because that is what we ought to do. But this approach is not right. Who would think about us if not us? We should start to care of ourselves and especially of our mental health.

Doing exercises can improve your mental health

It is obvious that doing sports makes us stronger and healthier. But what happens in our brain when we are doing exercises? You might hear the phrase that sports contributes to the production of endorphins. Good phrase, but what does it really mean?

When you begin training your brain perceives it as stress. While your blood pressure is increasing, your brain thinks that you fight with someone or run. The body starts to produce a special protein (BDNF) to protect it and the brain from influence of stress. This protein has a protective effect, and also stimulates the development of neurons and has an ability to “reset” your mind. This is the reason why we usually feel good after training and then happy.

Also, endorphins help to fight stress. Their main task is to reduce discomfort from doing exercises, reduce pain and awaken a sense of euphoria. So, BDNF protein and endorphins make us feel great after doing exercises.

Being positive makes you feel better

It is not a secret that positive attitude to life changes your perception of this world. And if you perceive your life in a positive way, no depression or stress will influence you. Positive thinking is something that can make you stronger and also healthier.

The research conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health showed that people who have more optimistic outlook are healthier. The study proved that women who looked at the world positively have lower risk of getting any disease, including cancer and heart disease, in comparison to those who are less optimistic.

Stop being multitasking

When we switch between a great number of tasks, we feel that we do not have any time to relax. We think that this day is bad as many other days: we were extremely busy and did not do anything important. We are constantly distracted from the main goal. Nowadays multitasking is considered to be a normal thing that everybody does. But such multitasking can provoke stress. Multitasking can cause production of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress and affects our mental performance.

Researchers have found that the very possibility of switching to multitasking mode makes us disturbed and reduces IQ by at least 10 points.

Better sleeping can change your life

While you are sleeping your body recovers and reduces your stress level. When we are asleep our brain has a rest too. Sleeping allows your muscles to be relaxed. So, the whole body is in peace.

It is well-known that better sleeping can help you to cope with stress. But you have to remember that night sleep should be long enough, and the quality of your sleep is also important. You have to ensure not being disturbed at night, and this may improve the quality of your sleep. A person needs about 7 hours of sleep every night to reduce the level of stress.

Mental health is of equal importance as your physical health. Being mentally healthy means being happy. And happiness is what everybody in this world is searching for. So, the key to happiness is in our hands, just use it!

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