Five Reasons to Ride a Bike

Our world is spinning so fast and we have to follow its pulse for not to appear on a curb. Unfortunately sometimes traffic jams are so strong that we have no chance of keeping the speed. A bike can help us in this situation.

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Bike is a universal means of transport. But its benefits are not restricted only by the time it can save.

It is environmentally friendly

Bike is the most environmentally friendly transport in the world. If you have a bike you do not have to tank up and buy any fuel, you simply do not have to think about it. Even if your bike has the electric front wheel drive, it does not mean that it is less eco-friendly. In comparison, automobiles are the cause of almost 80% of air pollution. Bikes also reduce pollution level in another way. Less energy is taken during the production of a bike in comparison with the production of a car.

It may seem that bike riders breathe in more dirt than car drivers and passengers. But it is not true according to the study conducted in Imperial College in London. The scientists found out that passengers of any kind of transport breathe in significantly more polluted air than bike riders and pedestrians.

It helps you to sleep better

Riding a bike early in the morning helps to wake up faster. And because of the physical activity you have while riding a bike your sleep improves significantly, which means that you will wake up rested every day. Regular usage of bike helps to lower the level of hormone of stress – cortisol that is the cause of insomnia. Thus, biking helps you to get rid of insomnia.

The researches from Stanford University Medical School learned the influence of bike riding on the people who suffered insomnia. They suggested to the people, who have a sedentary lifestyle and have problems with sleep, to ride about half an hour a day. And by the end of the research they had to spend less time to fall asleep.

It helps you to look better

It is not a secret that riding a bike is a good way to get rid of excessive weight. You can burn a large number of calories during biking and improve your appearance, become slimmer. Also if you are not satisfied how your hips look like, you can use your bike to change the situation and get them in shape. Moreover, fat in your body burns not only during the trip, but also within a couple of hours after it. And those people, who ride fast, but for short distances, burn several times more fat than those who travel long, but more slowly.

It makes you feel better

When you are riding a bike your brain is also working. The neurologists from the University of Bonn, Germany, studied the endorphins in the brains of ten people before and after a two-hour training, using a special technology. Comparing the scans taken before and after the training, they saw an increase in the content of endorphins or the hormones of happiness in regions of the brain that are associated with emotions and stress experiencing.

It can prevent cancer

There are many confirmations that any physical activity is useful in preventing cancer, but scientists have found out that riding a bike is particularly effective in keeping your body healthy. The research made by Finnish scientists showed that men who train at a moderate level of at least half an hour a day reduce the risk of having cancer by half in comparison with those who do not do any exercises. The study showed that a from-home-to-office trip by bike can significantly lower the chances to have cancer. Another study proved that regular biking can reduce the risk of breast cancer by more than 30 percent.

As you can see, bike is a really convenient means of transport. Its benefits are not limited by the five mentioned here. It is a universal means that can help you not just lose weight, but to improve your mood and, and what is even more important, to save our planet from pollution.

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