Different Types of Schizophrenia

One of the best-known mental disorders is schizophrenia. It is a serious condition and can be evoked by the factors that are both internal and external, such as genetics on the one hand and stress or trauma on the other.

The condition is characterized by a person’s inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy he frequently tends to live in. The core point is that this very reality is pretty different from real life and it complicates everything. There is no distinction for men and women as both can develop the condition. Generally different types of schizophrenia start manifesting symptoms in the age of adolescence but more frequently it is met in adults.

According to the intensity and specification of the symptoms there can be singled out 5 different types of schizophrenia.

One of the types of the condition among different types of schizophrenia that is supposed to be the most responsive to treatment is paranoid schizophrenia. It is characterized by hallucinations both visionary and auditory. It is also very frequent that a person tends to cherish the idea that he is being followed or spied after. He is likely to imagine conspiracy and plotting everywhere (messages coming from TV and radio and the like); and these ideas are generally obsessive.

One of the severest kinds in the list of different types of schizophrenia is disorganized one. It is less treatable and is characterized by prominent symptoms such as childlike behavior and problems with thought processing. People with this type of conditions usually experience speech problems as well. It is pretty hard for them to think logically and connectedly and it is frequently rather hard to make out any sense from their speech. One more very distinctive symptom of this disorder type is so-called ‘thought blocking’. It looks like a person stops in the middle of the thought and explains it by the fact that it was taken away from him. Other symptoms include purposeless behavior, monotonous voice and facial expressions that seem to be blank. Such patients have problems taking care of themselves and they need assistance for that matter.

One of the rarest cases among different types of schizophrenia is catatonic schizophrenia. This disorder type is characterized by such symptoms as unusual mannerism and poor coordination. Hands flapping and legs thrashing are very common for catatonic schizophrenia. It is also possible that a person enters a state of immobility and seems to be detached from reality. This can last for a pretty long time. Patients with this disorder also require assistance in their daily life.

Residual schizophrenia is one more in the list of different types of schizophrenia. It is generally the condition that develops when a person suffers from schizophrenia for a fairly long time period. The most characteristic symptoms are poor or absence of interaction with others, problems performing a planned activity; other symptoms are monotonous voice and blank face and etc.

Also among different types of schizophrenia there is undifferentiated schizophrenia. It is a condition when a person demonstrates symptoms that are pretty hard to group and refer to any other type of the disorder. Among all the other types this can be considered one of the most common.

Different types of schizophrenia should be understood as some of them require special attention and attitude. Schizophrenia is a very interesting and mysterious condition that has kept doctors and scientists in suspense for ages. It is still not quite clear how the mind of such a patient works.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for the disorder; at least no such one that could guarantee complete recovery. However, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms and help a person the best, if treatment is started early.

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